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Booking for best Place & Airbnb Differ?

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Did you know that you can also book short-term rentals on In recent years, has focused on Airbnb-style rental apartments in its marketplace. When it comes to making your home among well-known hotel brands such as Hilton and Marriott, it’s important to understand how the platform works and what the differences are between and Airbnb.

While the differences may seem subtle at first, keep in mind that many landlords go the extra mile and list their properties in alternative locations to generate additional income. We have to say that the work you have to do to understand is worth it!

Here are some of the key differences between and Airbnb, as well as answering frequently asked questions to increase your occupancy rate.

What’s the difference between Airbnb and guests?

In addition to multiple verification options, Airbnb has two-way reviews that allow visitors to submit reviews. While this is a very important feature to hold visitors accountable for their behavior, does not offer it. While you can read reviews from potential Airbnb guests before accepting your order, guests cannot.

As you know, Airbnb guests are willing to ask questions before booking a seat. Sometimes you answer dozens of questions about your home (including discount requests) and still receive news that a customer has booked another home. I remember being frustrated countless times when it happened to me. Unlike Airbnb, confirms the reservation without contacting the guest first.

Also keep in mind that visitors may have different expectations of your organization. Since Airbnb visitors know they are staying at someone’s home; Your expectations will be quite high. customers can expect hotel-style amenities such as 24-hour check-in and complimentary towels and toiletries. If you already meet these requirements.

How much will they cost me?

Every interaction is a two-way street between visitor and host. Airbnb charges both ways and does not. Hosts, on the other hand, are charged a percentage of the total booking fee at the end of the month.

So if you choose to list your merchandise on both platforms, keep this distinction in mind. Otherwise, you risk making less money than you expected. I think’s commission-free model will benefit guests and increase the value of bookings.

How do you solve a payment problem?

Airbnb collects on your behalf on the day of check-in and pays with the payment method of your choice. On the other hand, if you use, you are generally responsible for payment. Once someone has your seat, will provide you with a credit card number to guarantee the reservation. This information is available up to ten days after making the reservation.

In the event of a no-show (if no one shows up on the day of check-in) or last-minute cancellation, you are responsible for refunding any amounts earned. Think of a reservation that was made several months ago and canceled by the visitor at the last minute. You don’t get your credit card information, so you end up with blank items.

How is the cancellation policy enforced?

While Airbnb has introduced a more flexible and free cancellation policy (and in some cases hosts are required to do so), cancellation fees are much lower because visitors pay when they rent the place. But they take it. When creating your Airbnb statement, you can choose one of the three basic cancellation policies and decide whether you will receive a booking fee in the event of a cancellation.

Unlike Airbnb, many properties require no prepayment and can be canceled for free, benefiting visitors and annoying hosts alike. While there is a non-refundable reservation option,

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  • Additional bookings for available days
  • Increased visibility
  • Bookings that need less prior communication
  • Increased booking rate


  • Payment processing is complicated.
  • There are no guest reviews.
  • Increased rate of cancellation
  • Synchronization is a constant need.

Once you decide to list your property on and decide to go live, you’ll want to make sure you don’t get too crowded on the same days. Think of two visitors to a house one day. Getting one from Airbnb and the other from would be a nightmare.

Automatically sync your Airbnb and calendars. This means that once you book on, those days will be automatically removed from your Airbnb calendar (and vice versa).

last words:

Given the different commissions between and Airbnb, Lodgable allows you to update your rates from the same calendar and your nightly rates will be updated the same way on Airbnb and so you can always get the amount you want from the chat source of your choice.

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