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Buying Your Stock from Wholesale Jewellery Suppliers

Buying Your Stock from Wholesale Jewellery Suppliers 

Jewelry is quite popular among retailers, as it works as a great personal accessory and gift item, and there is huge demand for it in the market. Wholesale jewellery suppliers offer amazing deals on their stock so that you can keep up with the trends and gain profit when their demand increases. However, without proper care, you may end up choosing a wrong wholesaler, or you may purchase the wrong stock for your needs.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale jewellery

Most importantly, buying wholesale helps in getting stock at a low cost so that your operations and inventory acquisition prices are kept to a minimum. This means that if you can fill up your inventory for less, you can make more profit from your sales. Thanks to wholesale jewellery suppliers who sell bulk jewellery to businesses for much less than they would pay at retail. Wholesalers allow you to stock these large varieties or a certain product in sizeable amounts.

Helpful Tips to Buy Wholesale Jewellery

Since jewellery is a premium market, it offers excellent opportunities to buy wholesale. If you are a small business, here are a few tips that can help reach your target:

  • Find good wholesale jewellery suppliers: If a particular piece is in great demand, you would want to stock up before your current inventory runs out. Other suppliers may put your order back for several weeks, and by then, the trend may be over. This situation not only turns your customers away but also costs you money. So, you need to find a supplier who can have the new stock ready as soon as you place your order. The quality of the jewellery should also be acceptable. No matter how chic the new stock looks, the customer will not show interest if they look poor in quality or if they break down within a few uses.
  • Beware of fakes: Even if you are dealing with the same supplier for a few years, and you are satisfied with their quality, you should always check their product descriptions and ensure quality. Sometimes, the wholesale jewellery suppliers may change their manufacturers, and the shipment they receive turns out to be fake. The product descriptions to make sure that you are receiving the right weight, size, material, and original products that you ordered.
  • Place small order at first: If you have found a supplier that you like and you are happy with the price as well, don’t just place a huge order to grab it all at first try. Place a few small orders and check their product quality yourself. Once you and your customers are completely satisfied, you can start placing larger orders over time.
  • Give attention to trends: You would never want to order a stock that doesn’t sell because the stock went out of fashion and outdated. While it’s in your best interest to buy trendy items, it is up to you to keep a check on the latest trends and make informed decisions about which items to stock.
  • Announce offers, deals, and promotions: Once you find the best wholesale jewellery suppliers and build your stock, it’s up to you how you sell it. You need to get creative with promotional offers and deals that seem lucrative to your customers and, at the same time, build profit for you as well. Offers like buy one get one promotion, markdowns, free shipping, and others can have your products flying off the shelves.

By partnering with reputable wholesale jewellery suppliers, you can keep up on the best merchandising practices and continue growing your store to make a profit in no time.

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