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CA Intermediate Registration Fee Details (2021)

As you know, registration for each level of the CA Course is an important step in the journey. You may only know about the fixed amount that is to be paid at the time of registration, but there are many more details about which you may be unaware. So in this article, you can read every important information on CA Intermediate Registration Fee. (On the given link, you can read about the registration process, documents needed, eligibility, and more details.)

CA Intermediate Registration Fee

Before knowing the registration fees, you must know that there are two routes to register for the CA Intermediate level:

  1. Through CA Foundation 
  2. Through Direct Entry Route

The CA Intermediate registration fee is different for both groups since it gives you different options. Check their details below:

CA Intermediate Registration Fee (For CA Foundation Route Students)

If you have given CA Foundation, you will get two options for registration in CA Intermediate:

  1. Apply for both the groups of CA Intermediate at once.
  2. Also, Apply for a single group of CA Intermediate at a time.
Details of Fees Both Groups (For Indian Students- Rs) Both groups (For Foreign Students- US $) Single Group (For Indian Students- Rs) Single Group (For Foreign Students- US $)
Registration Fee 15,000 11,000
Student’s Activity Fee 2,000 2,000*
Registration Fee as article assistant 1,000
Total Fees 18,000 1,000 13,000 600

*To be paid once.

ICAI charges the amount of Student’s Activity as the study material’s cost and other activities (seminars, workshops, conferences, etc.) 

CA Intermediate Registration Fee (For Direct Entry Route Students)

Students who meet the direct entry route criteria will however have to register for both CA Intermediate groups in a single attempt. The option to register for any one CA Intermediate group is not given in the direct entry route. So the same way, during the registration fee payment, you have to pay for both the groups’ registration at once. 

Details of Fees Both Groups (Rs) Both groups (US $)
Registration Fee 15,000
Student’s Activity Fee 2,000
Registration Fee as article assistant 1,000
Prospectus 200 20
Total Fees 18,200 1,020

CA Intermediate Registration Fee Renewal

According to ICAI guidelines, the registration for CA Intermediate is valid only for a period of four years. If you do not take the exams and clear both the groups of CA Intermediate in this duration, your registration will expire. But if you want to give CA exams after your registration is expired, then you need to renew your registration. The Registration Renewal Fee is Rs. 400 for CA Intermediate. After renewal, your registration will be again valid for 4 years.

Fees Conversion from IPCC to CA Intermediate 

CA Intermediate is the new version of IPCC with 8 subjects instead of 7. Students who are registered under the IPCC will now have to shift to the CA Intermediate. To change from IPCC to CA Intermediate, you have to pay a fee of Rs. 1000 through the SSL Portal.  

Concessions in CA Intermediate Registration Fees

Some provisions by ICAI have allowed a significant amount of concession in the CA course registration fees.

ICAI has given a 75% concession in the CA Course Registration Fee. This concession is also applicable to all the CA Course levels. 

Level Registration Fees Concession Registration Fees to be Paid
CA Foundation Rs. 9000 Rs. 6750 Rs. 2250
CA Intermediate Rs. 18000 Rs. 13500 Rs. 4500
CA Final Rs. 22000 Rs. 16500 Rs. 5500

Below are the certain terms and conditions applicable to it:

  • This provision is only applicable to the students who are from the places of Ladakh, Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, Tripura).
  • The students currently registered in CA Course can use this for further levels, and the aspiring CA students can also take benefit from this provision. 
  • This provision is available till March 31, 2022.
  • The provision is not applicable to the other fee you have to pay during registration.
  • To use this fee waiver in your CA Intermediate registration, you will have to submit a few documents like domicile certificate/permanent resident certificate and ID proof.

ICAI also allows registration fee concessions for differently-abled students and the children of military forces, paramilitary forces who have lost their parents in action. Aspiring students under such a category get full exemption from the registration and tuition fee on the presentation of required documents. The complete details are available on ICAI.

CA Intermediate Registration Fees: FAQs

Q1. What is the registration fee that I need to pay for the CA course?

Ans. CA Foundation- Rs. 9000, CA Intermediate- Rs 18000, CA Final- Rs 22000 


Q2. Is there any additional fee charged with the CA Intermediate Registration?

Ans. Yes, you have to pay for the student’s activity fee and registration fee as an article assistant with the registration amount.


Q3. Till when can I register for CA Intermediate?

Ans. The last date for May 2021 CA Intermediate Registration was September 1, 2020, and the last date for November 2021 exam is March 1, 2021.


Q4. What are the fees of CA Intermediate Coaching?

Ans. The fees for CA Intermediate classes can vary significantly. However, the average fees for these classes are around Rs. 80,000 (for all 8 subjects).

We hope all your queries regarding the CA Intermediate Registration Fee were answered so far. Further, for more information on the fees for CA Intermediate, visit the link given above in this article. 

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