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CBD Multivitamins

You are walking on a road when you see a vending machine full of chips, nachos, and soft drinks. You want to eat them but remember that your doctor advised you to avoid junk foods. So, you console yourself with, “Okay! One last packet”. Well, everyone knows that it’s never the last packet!

Most people fail to control their cravings. Junk foods are satisfying to the tongue but leave an irreplaceable negative impact on your body. Along with damaging the human body physically, it also leads to memory and learning problems. Its frequent consumption could lead to a change in the brain’s chemical composition, making you more dependent or addicted to these foods.

So, what is the solution? How could an individual control craving or heal the damage caused by junk foods? Experts see hope in the trending cannabinoid from the Cannabis plant, the CBD. Several brands, such as CBDistillery, offer CBD multivitamins. Its known benefits might save you from continuous cravings. You will learn more about it through this article.

CBD Multivitamins

CBD Multivitamins as a Healer

It is not easy to consume all the required vitamins and minerals for a healthy body. So, health freaks are shifting to multivitamins. These small-sized flavored tablets carry a sufficient amount of dietary sources, particularly those challenging to get from a regular diet.

With the growing demand for CBD, manufacturers began producing multivitamins. You can easily purchase these tablets from brands, such as CBDistillery. These multivitamins might help you to overcome the side effects of junk foods in these ways:

  • By Stimulate your Mood

These changes cause a hormonal imbalance in the body, making you more attracted to food. When you realize and try to avoid junk food, it could show withdrawal-like symptoms. It might even lead to depression.

The drug is known to uplift an individual’s mood. Different studies reveal that it might boost your mood by working on the brain’s serotonin receptors. Serotonin is a hormone responsible for regulating wakefulness and mood in the body. A high level of serotonin ensures self-satisfaction, joy, and happiness.

So, by boosting serotonin levels, CBD could uplift your mood and reduce depression.

  • By Lowering Anxiety

When you try to look away from that vending machine, your mind grows anxious. It prevents you from moving forward without a packet of chips. Over-eating junk foods makes you nervous when you do not get them. Although there are drugs to treat anxiety, such as fluoxetine or escitalopram, people avoid them because of devastating side effects and addiction risks.

CBD could offer a similar effect to a prescription drug but without any results. Research shows that the effects of it on serotonin and dopamine receptors together make it a solution to anxiety.

So, whenever looking at junk food makes you anxious, consume a CBD multivitamin and save yourself from them.

  • By Enhancing Cognition

A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reveals that junk food leads to poor cognitive results. The results from the survey show inflammation in the hippocampus region ( the region responsible for memory and learning processes) of the brain after consuming junk foods. Excessive intake of fats and sugar reduces the brain’s functioning.

So, if you are a food addict, there is a high chance that your cognitive skills are low. CBD might boost it by impacting your familiar feelings of good health. A study reveals that patients consuming CBD accepted an enhancement in their memory, verbal learning, and attentional switching.

  • By Making Bones Stronger

It is a known fact that junk food damages human bones. Through a complicated mechanism, CBD blocks osteoclasts from feeding on your bones. It might positively affect bone density.

It might also boost the production of lysyl hydroxylase, an enzyme responsible for bone healing. Moreover, you can look for brands, such as CBDistillery, that sell CBD multivitamins with iron and Vitamin C. These minerals promote bone health in the body.

This way, the multivitamins might reverse the already caused damages of junk foods. But what about craving? Would cannabidiol help with that too? Yes, it might help with your cravings also. The subsequent section deals with it.

lysyl hydroxylase

CBD for Food Addiction

You might have heard of alcohol or opioid addiction. But have you ever heard of food addiction? It is a continuous craving that makes you eat uncontrollably and compulsively. It is often a reaction to a stimulus, such as boredom, anger, sadness, or stress.

Food is one of the necessities, but when a person becomes dependent on a particular type of food, it turns to addiction. A widely seen food addiction is food rich in fat, sugar, grains, flour, and salt. The possible reason behind this is probably the connection our brain has established between emotions and food.

At every step, your brain connects emotions with food. You fell and hurt yourself a bit; your mom gave you a lollipop to comfort you. Then someday, you were sad, and eating chips helped you feel better. When it was a movie night, you decided to carry popcorn and soft drinks to feel cozy. Now you might realize why you fail to keep a distance from vending machines.

Eating disorders are a sign of low endocannabinoids in the body. The cannabinoid receptors play an essential role in several body functions, including appetite. An insufficient amount of ECS means your endocannabinoid system will fail to inform the hypothalamus ( a part of the human brain responsible for appetite and metabolism regulation) that you are hungry. That could damage the entire appetite system in the body. A possible way to get out of this vicious cycle is CBD multivitamins. Cannabidiol stimulates the receptors to produce more endocannabinoids, regulating the appetite in your body.

This would directly reduce your cravings as you will feel full after taking your regular meals. Moreover, the other possible benefits of the multivitamins on sleep, stress, pain, anxiety and depression would indirectly work on your cravings and food addiction.


CBD multivitamins might increase and decrease your appetite. It supports the hypothalamus in deciding whether the body needs food or not to sustain metabolism. That way, it could save you from unnecessary eating. Moreover, it might also heal you from the already caused ill-effects from junk food.

So, from now on, say goodbye to vending machines until they begin giving out CBD multivitamins!

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