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Careers in Big Data: Are they lucrative enough?

Careers in Big Data: Are they lucrative enough? 

As industries face the influx of data coming from all the possible centers, the need for a professional who could understand, read, and make sense of this data grew even more. While the organizations world-over understood the importance of this deluge, they were powerless to do anything about it, as they were not aware of how to read this data.

Big Data Professional – Roles and Responsibilities

The increasing demand for an expert in big data gave birth to a new group of professionals – Big Data Professional. Alright! But what were their responsibilities and what role did they play?

Big Data Professional is someone who is adept at handling all the huge data that the organizations were collecting, but had no clue how to use it. A certified big data professional would be able to help businesses clean, glean, and read the data for any insightful information. It could be either a solution to a problem or at times could be a problem itself – a problem that has been plaguing the business for some time now but nobody knew anything about it.

The responsibilities of a Big Data Professional differ from the role he or she plays in an organization. The careers in Big Data offer a wide range of roles to a willing and deserving candidate. Some of the roles include – Data Engineer, Data Analyst, and Data Scientist. Each of these roles comes with different qualifications and responsibilities but together they make a team of Big Data Professionals.

Since big data professionals handle the most sensitive information about a business, it is always better to exercise caution while hiring a big data professional. It is important to hire a certified professional because a certified Big Data Professional would be –

  1. Committed to her career
  2. Willing to learn every day and improve on her skills
  3. Always on her toes to upgrade, update and reskill her knowledge and add on to it so that she keeps climbing the ladder of success

Certifications come with whole lots of benefits for professionals in big data both for aspiring professionals and seasoned professionals.

Remember: Continuous learning is the key to success, in the current highly competitive world. And what better to upgrade your skills and knowledge with the best big data certifications available in the market.

But here’s why you should earn a big data certification –

Aside from the fact that it would give your career in big data a much-needed boost, it would also help you in transition if you are planning a career switch to the lucrative one in big data.

In case you are already a big data professional, then remember that a big data certification would up your chances for that coveted promotion, as your skills and knowledge are always up to date as per the industry standards.

Now the question – how to choose a big data certification that would help you in your career. Keep reading to know-how…

The market is flooded with loads of Big data certification programs, however, before choosing the right one it is important for you to understand the features of the best big data certifications –

  1. The big data certification should be vendor-neutral, implying the certification should not be offered by the same institute that is teaching the program
  2. It should be a third party offering so that all your skills and knowledge is tested in an unbiased manner and your skill are verified and validated by a third party
  3. The best big data certifications should be platform agnostic so that you are not trained on any one particular platform thus restricting your career
  4. The best big data certification should train you on the latest tools and technologies so that you become competent to handle problems in the real world

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned features, credentialing bodies like Cloudera, Del EMC, and Data Science Council of America offers cutting-edge certification programs to the aspiring professionals in the field of Big Data.

Depending on the role you want to pursue in the field of Big Data you could choose a certification program and gear up for a rewarding career in big data.

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