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Advantages of Extracurricular Activities in the CBSE Schools in Noida

Why are Extracurricular activities so important in the Best CBSE schools in Noida.

Learning in the right classroom environment contributes much to the development of a child’s ideas and knowledge about the world.

It has a deep influence on their adult lives as they go about navigating through the several challenges of contributing to society.  Along with looking after themselves. Parents have to make sure that the education their child gains is one that helps them to prepare to deal with their futures effectively.

Research in the field of child development has shown that children need to help in identifying their skills and talents.

So, that they can hone them with proper guidance. Such ‘skills’ and talents can help young individuals. Learn how to be self-confident and stand out from the crowd during moments.

Such as scholarships or job applications. This type of education therefore can add tremendous value in the lives of students and is therefore a part of holistic education that best CBSE schools in Noida provide.

Education in Noida

In an economically growing city like Noida helping children identify and work on their special skills and talents can help them make a mark in their choice of field. With competition on the rise,

Because Noida is known for its fast pace of development which is making it home to a number of opportunities.

For parents looking for the best CBSE Schools in Noida that provide holistic education to their children, several options are available.

These many options for high-quality educational campuses, made possible only due to the city’s transformative changes brought about in its infrastructure and modern-city planning.

Which extracurricular activities are taught in CBSE schools in Noida?

Activities that lie outside the conventional realm of curricula-led education refer to as extra-curricular activities. because They can include a range of events such as sports, volunteering, cultural teachings, artistic passions, etc.

Enable by spacious grounds, well-trained teachers, state-of-the-art facilities, and a special emphasis on the all-round development of children,

Several extra-curricular activities are taught to children in some of the best highs in Noida. Be it singing public speaking theatre, chess, football, roller skating, etc.,

A wide range of activities is available to children to explore freely at their own pace.

What are the benefits of extra-curricular activities in the lives of children?

  1. Improves self-confidence

Once children are able to know their strengths and practice them for some time there is a certain positive change noticeable in their personality.

They have an in-built sense of confidence that is a result of their ability to perform an activity in an exceptional manner.

This increases their self-esteem as they are able to judge themselves based on however they see themselves contributing towards society with a unique skill-set.

  1. Opens their mind to possibilities

It is the nature of extra-curricular activities to encourage children to think freely. As they go about discovering different strengths and weaknesses they face in different activities, they start learning more about themselves. This process leads to the practice of acceptance of new ideas and therefore makes them broad-minded. As they practice their own skills and grow in new ways.

They experience the effects of having a clear and open mind in order to learn.

  1. Boosts academic performance

One of the biggest challenges children face in their classroom is that of not being able to pay attention. For some children, exposure to learning all day long can seem quite overwhelming as well. With daily extra-curricular activities, children are able to experience an engaging change of atmosphere. This change can help them refresh their minds. The focus they gain in pursuing their non-academic interests is reflected in their academic results too.

  1. Teaches essential life skills

In various non-academic activities, communicating with one’s peers and sharing ideas can help one learn a lot. Hence, these skills pick up by students subconsciously. Gradually, they become aware of their learnings and start using these skills in a more impactful way

Even outside the scope of their activities. Making goals, making effective use of their time. Thinking critically to solve problems, etc.

Are some examples of the various life skills that students stand to learn from participating in extracurricular activities.


While the apt classroom with the most professional teachers makes a big impact on a child’s academic life.

It is important to expose them to extra-curricular activities if they are to receive a holistic education, as part of their learning experience.

By understanding the above-listed benefits, parents look for choosing the best high school in Noida for their children, with a renewed focus.

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