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Characteristics of Minimalist Interior Design

Interior design is a world so enormous that you are destined to lost in the variety of options you have to choose from. On the one hand, you can go absolutely extravagant, and on the other hand, you can opt for an utterly simple, minimalist design for your house. 

“Less is more.” said Mies Van Der Rohe in 1886. But it stays the same popular in today’s time. 

Artists believe that art lies in speaking the most with the least words and expressions. So, if you want an artistic and minimalist approach, go for Interior design Dubai Companies like Exotic Interior Studio, which can give you the best despite the requirement of a minimalist design. 

What Do You Want?

The first part of designing a minimalist space is to see. How much area you have and what you want to do with it. Coming up with a minimalist design for a wide area is not the same as how you think for a limited, small space. Designers play with different elements in both situations to create designs that give you want you are exactly looking for. You should be clear with what you need your designer to do with the available space and utilize it properly. 

Open Space

When we talk about utilizing space, a minimalist design does not make use of all the space and stuff it with various materials. Keeping an open space to let the other elements in the room breathe is the most crucial part of a minimalist design. You have to decide the ratio of the space to occupy to the area for decorating the space very carefully.

Less Furniture

Furniture takes most of the space in a room. To free up space, you must keep the furniture pieces in mind and how many you can place in the room. If you are to buy new furniture, we suggest you go for multi-functional pieces that offer more than one function at once. Those willing to use their old furniture can also revamp it and turn it into compact furniture good enough for their use. The main focus should be on having furniture that is not huge and does not take a lot of space.


Whether we talk about the furniture, appliances, or decorative items in a minimalistic home, they all should be centered around functionality. When going for a minimalistic interior design, Interior design Dubai Companies ensure to choose only furniture and appliances which offer functionality for the family. For example, if you are a family of four. It would be better to have a compact dining table that keep the chairs inside it and still look beautiful. Also, you also have an expandable sofa that seems to a three-seater but has a built-in bench that can accommodate 3 more people.

Straight Lines

Straight lines are the neatest element in interior design and are perfect for a minimalist setup. Furniture and wall designs in square or rectangular space take less space than those with curved lines. Incorporate straight lines in final touches like rugs, wall paints, etc.


Having many colors in a room scatter the attention of visitors, and your home seems smaller and congested. Go for a monochrome scheme in an area and opt for another color in a different area. Like, if your living room is joined to the bedroom by a corridor. Keep the same color scheme in the living and corridor. We don’t stop you from using solid colors. 

Avoid Excessive Décor

Apart from your interior design theme and decorating elements play a significant role in how the final look turns out to be. Hanging a chandelier in your monochrome living room will kill the minimalistic vibe you want. Choose the right kind of lighting, frames, and any other décor items you want to place in your house. Installing LED lights and smart doors can be a good beginning to a minimalist approach.


Minimalistic interior designs have always been trendy, but they are back in full swing. People are designing homes with better functionality and fewer filler components. Geometrics and industrial elements have become popular in minimalistic households, according to the best interior design courses. courses Find what you want and get it done right away!

Happy designing!