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How to Check CPU Temperature on Mac

How to Check CPU Temperature on Mac
  • PublishedMarch 10, 2021

Unlike Windows, Mac OS is one of the most robust and stable operating systems available these days. There are a lot of advantages of Mac OS over Windows OS. However, a few features could have been added with easy navigation to enhance the experience. One of them is to enable the temperature monitor on Mac. So you can Check CPU Temperature on Mac easily.

The Activity Monitor window allows you to view the impact of processes and how the CPU, GPU, energy, disk, memory, and network usage, can be monitored. It doesn’t show the current temperature of the CPU on macOS. The average Mac CPU temperature should float around 45-65 degrees Celsius. However, if it goes above the average level, you should consider quitting a few heavy apps for some time. Unfortunately, there is no inbuilt method to check the Mac CPU temperature.

There are a few FREE Mac temperature monitor app that can help you check your Mac CPU temperature. However, if you are looking for a utility that can optimize and boost your Mac performance at the same time. These applications can turn out to be the best Mac temperature monitors while optimizing and reducing the load on your CPU. Here are our top 3 picks!

CleanMyMac X

Compatibility: OSX 10.7 or higher

CleanMyMac Cleaner

CleanMyMac X software is one of the best Mac cleaner and optimizer software that not only removes junk from your Mac but also optimizes it to deliver its best performance. CleanMyMac X is the upgraded version of CleanMyMac that was launched on its 10th anniversary. It is a cleaner, optimizer, and antimalware tool that offers overall protection and optimization on your Mac while working as a Mac CPU temperature monitor.

You can clean junk files, system cache, user cache, system log files, browser cookies, malware, spyware, other malicious files. You can also remove clutter from your Mac all with a single click optimization feature. The privacy feature also offers security along with performance management and removes all traceable cookies, history, autofill entries from your Mac.

It can boost up your performance by optimizing your RAM, run startup optimization. It also executes regular maintenance, check launch agent and other features to turn your Mac as good as new.

CCleaner For Mac

Compatibility: OSX 10.8 or later

CCleaner for Mac

This is one of the greatest and amazing Mac boosters that can let you experience the fastest computing performance. CCleaner not only cleans junk files but offers a great optimization to your device to perform its best while working as a Mac CPU temperature monitor. The software performs Startup optimization to enhance boot time and cleans clutter to regain valuable space on your hard drive.

Tools clean the temporary files and folders, Recycle Bin, unwanted installed programs, broken permissions. The software also does browser cookies and temporary internet files just with a single click.

Apart from cleaning and optimization. CCleaner also offers real-time protection to protect your Mac from potential threats and other malicious infections. You get the best security shield and privacy protection while shopping online, net-banking, and surfing on social media. CCleaner also optimizes your startup applications, checks outdated programs. It is also wipes out clutter, organizes disk space, and performs one-click optimization on your Mac.

Disk Clean Pro

Compatibility: OSX 10.7 or higher


This software is a high-performance optimization suite that can optimize your Mac performance and turn your Mac as good as new. An automatic tuneup can get the best out of your device. Disk Clean Pro removes clutter from the device and regains access to your precious storage space. You can configure it to automatically schedule scans or initiate the scan to analyze and figure out redundant and obsolete files.

Once you click on the ‘Clean Now’ button, it removes all the found clutter. The System Status tab on the left shows you the Mac CPU temperature.

This software is not just a junk cleaner for user data but it also removes unwanted system log files, crash reports. It also does partial downloads and other malicious files that are potentially harmful to your Mac. The optimization suite also removes duplicate indexing, large files, old unused files, and incomplete downloads.

It is one of the best cleaners for browser, email downloads, internet browsing history, old backups, trash, and other malicious files from the internet.

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Summing Up

Mac OS has evolved a lot with all new versions however there is no inbuilt utility to perform temperature monitor on Mac. You will need to make use of Mac temperature monitor apps. We have listed the best Mac temperature monitor apps. Also along with the apps that can optimize the device and boost your Mac performance.

CCleaner For Mac, CleanMyMac X,  Disk Clean Pro are the best optimization software for Mac in 2021 that can also work as Mac CPU temperature monitor.

Written By
Adam Smith