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chinese ai 100m meituanliaotechcrunch

Chinese ai 100m meituanliaotechcrunch

As businesses and industries move toward automating workflows and supply chains, investors are increasingly interested in robotics and AI-related businesses. The latest is Chinese robotics company Flexiv, which has raised more than $100 million from investors like Meituan.

Other investors include Jack Ma’s YF Capital, New Hope Group, Meta Capital, GSR Ventures, Longwood, Geographic Capital, Magic Capital, Zen Fund, China, and Plug & Play’s US subsidiary.

Meituan likes Flex because Flexible is a service company. give food According to MeituanliaoTechCrunch, automating the grocery delivery service gives Meituan tremendous benefits and power.

In 2021, flexible robotic platforms such as Noema (AI System) and Flexible RDK (Robotics Guide) were introduced. In 2019, Flexible released the Rezon robot and offers at least 3 models, namely Rezon 4, Rezon 4s, and Rezon 10. Flexible is in the third business with the chain, including the office. condition.

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In 2016, Van Schiekan, a student at Stanford’s BDM Lab, founded Flexiv to create a large number of robots that interact with businesses and suppliers. 100 million investment. USD Series B, Flexive plans to expand into healthcare, artificial intelligence, agriculture, and other sectors. According to the founders of PeopleFastFind, Flexible Chines AI robotics hardware and software technologies are leading the way to revolutionize industrial automation. He also noted that Flexiv has produced more than 100 GP robots.

With strategic investment, Meituan seems to be the best source for supply chain and technological development along the supply chain.

When asked about it, the founder said

“Ordinary robots can work well without any problems. The problem arises when there is a barrier between the washing machine and the health services that require more precision and maintenance.

He said yes.

Money from big tech companies and capital invested in more robotics startups will lead to greater investment in mass production and advanced manufacturing, product development, and R&D. ”

“Our goal is to focus more on automation and find new applications in a variety of industries, including software, services, agriculture, healthcare, and more.”

“Recent investments are almost universal and allow us to improve and improve our products in various use cases, especially in the development of advanced artificial intelligence and multi-robot technology.

In 2022, Flexiv closed a $100 million Series B round. USD and the same company closed Series A+ in 2019, raising $22 million in funding. U.S. dollar. Then they introduced Rezon, the first product in this series, which is more beautiful. This gave Flexiv an edge over other manufacturers and helped it win two major awards, the If Design Award and the German Innovation Award.

The company has shipped more than 100 GP robots and has begun developing a variety of industrial applications.

“Flexive’s development of new core robotics technology is pushing the boundaries of automation and industrial intelligence.”

“Our team has excellent industry insight and research expertise. We are excited to be working with Flexive as it was first formed at Stanford, and we see intelligent robots as an important part of supply chains across industries such as -Looking forward to supporting their efforts to create mind. and production automation.”

Final thoughts

In general, Flexible has paved the way for robotics hardware and software technology to bring about significant changes in industrial automation. These robots from Reson can reshape the world and entire industries through intelligence and robotics. Flexi’s continued success points to a very bright and successful future.