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The Reasons to Choose Emerald Zoysia for your Home

Richard Huss
Richard Huss
5 Min Read

Emerald Zoysia is the finest form of zoysia sod that is available and is known for its dark green color. It is also among the slowest growing sod and needs mowing after 7-10 days, even during its growing season. This luxurious sod is widely used in the States including the city of Atlanta. It is suitable for golf courses, commercial and residential use.

Below are all the reasons why should you use this sod if you are living in Atlanta:

Appealing Color & Texture

The two characteristics that stand out in this Emerald is its dark-green color and fine blade texture. It makes it a perfect choice for the show lawns. You can also find it in the golf courses as it has a similar color tolerance used in the grass for the course edges. The grass also has great shade tolerance, which means it can flourish in the same color for a long time before dying.

Ability to Withstand Harsh Weather

It is survivable in all weathers with the right techniques of maintenance and care. If the weather in your area has a sweltering temperature, this turfgrass is an ideal option for you. It is designed to be highly salt-resistant, which makes it suitable for the coastal environment. Also, along with the ability to withstand the hot temperature, it will not disappoint you in any other climate.

Drought Tolerant

All the types of zoysia sod, including zeon zoysia, have a great tolerance to droughts, but this one is the best among them. It is almost as equally resistant as the Bermuda grass. It can turn brown quickly in the absence of water but will come into its original lush green color once it is the rain season.

It also can conserve water to avoid any water loss with the help of its deep root structure.

Good Wear Tolerance

In addition to having shade tolerance, this turfgrass also has great wearability. This sod type is thick and has a lot of vegetation, making it a good wear-tolerant, but they also have a slower recuperate because of the slow-growing nature. If you take out a big chunk by mistake, it will take a very long time to grow back.

Less Mowing

The emerald zoysia seeds tend to grow slow which requires less mowing as compared to other sod types. It needs mowing after 7-10 days, and the recommended mowing height for this grass type is half to one inch.


Other Advantages

If these reasons aren’t enough to buy it from the Atlanta sod company, then the following advantages of this sod will convince you to choose this for your lawn.

  • It needs five hours of sunlight every day. But it also has a great shade tolerance as compared to other zoysia sod types.
  • Even though it is considered as grass for warm weathers, it has cold tolerance and has a great chance of survivability in winters
  • The problems like pests, diseases, brown patch, and leave spots is very uncommon in this sod type. You can rarely see these problems occurring.

If you plan to get this turfgrass for your lawn, you can consider buying it from Atlanta Sod Farms. They have the best grass available in the whole of Atlanta at reasonable prices. They have decades of experience in this industry and provide the best quality sods. They also guide you with what is the best option based on your requirements.

Enhance the beauty of your lawn with this appealing and beautiful turf grass.

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