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Commercial Printing: The Ever-Growing Entity

Commercial Printing: The Ever-Growing Entity 

Current Scenario

The commercial printing market is experiencing steady growth; since January 2018, sales in the commercial printing industry have increased by 9.1% compared to 2011, totalling $84 billion. This growth has paved the way for new technologies to meet the demands of print buyers, leading to a rapid change in how commercial printers will operate in the future.

The commercial printing market is poised for remarkable growth over the next five years. Technological proliferation, along with rising applications, is anticipated to encourage the demand globally. Further, the need for short-run production for a wide range of applications is increasing rapidly for commercially printed materials, such as books, direct mail, brochures, and catalogues. For instance, in direct mail, the conventional practice was to send the exact same message to many customers. Commercial printing industry offers custom marketing materials that stimulate a business.

As per an estimate, 72% of corporations utilize direct mail campaigns. Direct mail advertising is relatively inexpensive and is a great way for companies to keep their image and services in the public eye. This aspect of printing is expected to continue an upward trend in the future.

Commercial Printing

Changing Trends in the Industry

While the long-term impact of some of today’s industry-wide changes, like new technologies, shrinking turnaround times, and the demand for shorter and more customized runs won’t be known for years to come, we can evaluate how commercial printing shops should respond today, what technologies they should adopt to increase efficiency during the prepress workflow in the print production process, and what challenges are needed to successfully navigate to keep pace with the competition.

The commercial printing market is being driven majorly by several promotional activities such as print advertising. Retail businesses that understand their target markets are including print advertising and custom marketing materials as part of an overall marketing strategy. Further, a recent poll of consumers underlined the ongoing problem with online or digital promotions failing to capture people’s attention, with print-based ads garnering increased consumer attention.

Introduction of eco-friendly practices, reducing the printing industry’s impact on the environment drives the market. The market is experiencing major changes in activities and processes, such as slowly being replaced by sustainable systems. Several new initiatives are being implemented for printing industries by taking the major environmental impacts into prime consideration.

Also, many commercial printing houses that offer direct mailing advertising are implementing recycled paper in their processes.

Major Changes Being Employed in the Industry

The growing need for mail advertising in enterprises across the world, along with extensive technological proliferation, currently represent the key factors driving market growth. Organizations are increasingly adopting commercial printers, as they are more cost-effective and efficient for bulk printing.

The advertising sector has gained high traction in digital advertising. The increase in direct mail advertising has significantly impacted the market for commercial printing in the advertising sector. Further, Soft signage is gaining popularity at a constant speed. Whether giant 5m wide prints or less, more straightforward signs, are expected to see more banners in future.

For instance, Canon Solutions America has partnered with DGI USA, a manufacturer with deep roots in dye sublimation, to deliver solutions that combine DGI’s highly productive printers with its robust support services and market expertise. The new printers are anticipated to provide an excellent solution for print service providers looking to expand their businesses into soft signage. Such initiatives are retaining the demand for the printed advertising industry, thereby retaining the market for commercial printing.

The role of commercial printing is changing, with the main dynamic being the impact of the internet and mobile connectivity on the way both businesses and individuals communicate and access information. This affects every segment of the printing business and is changing expectations of what is acceptable in relation to speed, relevance, and degree of interactivity of information, irrespective of the medium used. This trend is most prevalent in digital – inkjet and toner systems but greater automation is also being seen on the latest generation of analogue presses.

In addition to the dynamics of the end market sectors, improvements in print manufacturing efficiency coupled with an increased focus on supply chain management, better demand forecasting matched with just-in-time production – have reduced the amount of wastage in the print market overall.

The Bottom Line

Print marketing has existed for centuries and amongst the modern digital revolution, print has not just held its own but has strengthened its position. Commercial Printing makes use of better printing technology, designs and materials, and the results are high-quality tangible goods that you can’t deny taking a look at when they are handed over to you. Commercial printing is here to stay and will evolve in the near future.

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