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Comparing Tarpaulin Brands Reputable Manufacturers

When shopping for a tarpaulin, it’s important to choose a reputable manufacturer that focuses on durability and reliability. Tarps are an essential piece of equipment for construction sites, farms, storage, and more. You need a Heavy Duty Tarpaulin that can withstand all weather conditions and heavy use without tearing or leaking.

Quality Tarp Manufacturer

Some key things to look for in a quality tarp manufacturer include:


The right material choice is crucial for ensuring your tarp stands up to weathering and lasts for years. Leading manufacturers use heavy-duty materials like polyester and reinforced polypropylene.

Weight Ratings

Manufacturers should denote tarpaulin weight ratings (light duty, medium duty, heavy duty) so you buy the appropriate style for your intended use. Heavy equipment requires extra heavy-duty tarps versus light storage uses.


Quality manufacturers stand behind their products with long multi-year warranties against defects. This gives customers peace of mind their investment is protected.


Look for extra reinforcement in high-stress areas like grommets and seams. Properly reinforced seams are less likely to tear than plain sewn seams. Grommets hold up better than fabric tie loops which can wear out more quickly.

Choosing the right tarp for your needs

With an understanding of quality manufacturers, the next step is selecting the appropriate tarp design and features for the intended use case. Here are some important factors to consider:


Often used for lightweight, lower-cost tarps. Durable but less heavy-duty than other options.


Dense vinyl material is waterproof and lasts a long time, especially for outdoor/industrial use. High UV resistance.

Reinforced polypropylene

Strong, puncture resistant, and made to withstand weathering. Commonly used in extra heavy-duty contractor tarps.


Standard dimensions suffice for many uses. However, custom sizes allow for ensuring perfect coverage for vehicles, piles, equipment, etc. Consider dimensions and fitting needs carefully.

Top tarpaulin brands to consider

When shopping for durable, reliable tarps there are a few manufacturers that consistently rise to the top. Here are three highly recommended brands:


Wide range of material options including polyethylene, polypropylene, and PVC. This allows choosing the best material for your climate and job site conditions. Products range from light-duty tarps to extra heavy-duty contractors’ tarps. Their 10oz Contractor’s Tarp is very popular.

Tarps Unlimited

Affordable tarps and rolls made of polyethylene suitable for storage, transport, and general use. A focus on durability with grommets at reinforced stress points rather than fabric tie loops which can tear. Wide assortment of tarps from economy options up to extra heavy-duty tarps for construction sites.


Reinforced seams and grommets for maximum tear and weather resistance. Heavy-duty polypropylene and polyethylene fabrics are suitable for harsh outdoor conditions. Standard tarp sizes from 10’x10′ up to extra large 18’x100′ bulk feed tarps. Material weight ratings are marked, from light to heavy duty.

Other factors when comparing tarp brands

When evaluating tarp brands, there are additional considerations beyond specifications:

Warranty and Durability

Quality manufacturers like DeWitt and Layfield offer long warranties, usually 5+ years. This backs their reputation for longevity. Lesser brands may provide only 1-year non-prorated warranties. Check warranty terms and warrantied material defects. Read More

Customer Service and Support

Reputable companies have responsive US-based support available to answer questions before and after the sale. They aim to please customers. Others outsource customer support overseas which can make communication difficult with language/time zone barriers.

Price and Value

High-quality tarps constructed of durable materials command slightly higher prices but deliver value through longevity. Cheap imports using lightweight materials may cost less initially but require replacing sooner, eliminating long-term savings.

Factory Certification

Some producers implement ISO quality management to ensure consistent product quality. Leaders also focus on sustainable practices like using recyclable materials and minimizing waste in production.

Reviews and Reputation

Researching brand reputations online provides valuable insights. Top companies consistently earn positive reviews for products and services. Lesser brands missing reviews or having numerous complaints should be viewed cautiously for reliability.

Warranty Terms in Depth:

It’s important to understand what exactly the warranty covers – defects in materials and workmanship. Normal wear and tear? Damage from misuse? Does it transfer to subsequent owners? A long warranty means nothing if the terms are too restrictive.

Customer Service Testing:

Consider calling or chatting with the customer service team to gauge their professionalism, product knowledge, and willingness to help. See if they can answer technical questions that may come up during or after a sale.

Total Cost of Ownership:

While the initial price is a factor, consider the total cost over the lifespan of the product. More durable materials and stronger construction may mean fewer replacement purchases over time, offsetting a slightly higher original price.