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Complete Checklist to Follow Post Lockdown : Safety majors to follow
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Complete Checklist to Follow Post Lockdown : Safety majors to follow 

COVID-19 has changed a lot many things in the world. Every single individual’s routine has changed drastically, and people started taking precautionary measures seriously. Every country took safety measures seriously and locked down the entire country, but now it’s time to unlock. The entire nation has started unlocking all the regular activities.

This article is a compilation of a list of a few practices that every individual should follow to the core to stay protected from the COVID-19 pandemic. The entire world has started stepping out to earn their living and combat with the falling economy.

Now that people started going back to normal from the pandemic situation, there are numerous preventive measures from touching taps to boarding flights. To avoid the second wave of infection, we need to focus more on sanitization, cleanliness, disinfecting our surroundings, take special care of basic hygiene, and maintain the rule of social distancing.

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Checklist for The First Flight After Lockdown

Though very few countries have opened the gates for people traveling from different countries or regions, an emergency has resumed for people who wish to get back to their homeland. With this lifting of lockdown restrictions, government and airline authorities have put stringent measures to safeguard their passengers. Here is the checklist if you wish to fly post-COVID lockdown is over.


Download the Aarogya Setu App to keep track of your health and maintain distance from people infected with the virus. Your status on the app should be green to be allowed to travel.

Perform a web check-in before leaving for the airport as per the guidelines by the Ministry of Civil Aviation. Keep all your documents ready and coniform your travel through the web check-in. Present your boarding pass and remove your mask only during the identity check.

Carry your essential COVID-19 safety kit while traveling to the airport. Wear masks all the time to be allowed inside the airport and the flight. Carry your hand sanitizer or wear gloves along with goggles to give extra security from catching the virus.

Have a spare printed copy of your boarding pass and ID proofs while traveling. Though people are sensitive about accepting cash currency, carry change denominations according to the country of travel.

Go through the thermal scanning on all the entry and exit points as passengers with asymptomatic status are only allowed to board the flight. Those who are found symptomatic are taken to the nearest quarantine center.

Keep it contactless as much as possible. On international airports, all the facilities, security screening, or even retail stores are operational with the contactless feature.

There will be no meals offered in the flight for security measures, so grab your bits to eat from the airport throw the contactless vending machines.

General Precautions Post COVID-19 Lockdown

Avoid Sudden Trips: Don’t plan a trip just after the lockdown is over. Remember, the primary reason for COVID-19 spared was the movement from one country to another. Regardless of the lockdown is relaxed, one should avoid planning a vacation for a few months.

Continue Washing Hands: Now that you may need to resume your work at the office, don’t forget to keep washing your hands after a certain interval and sanitize your hands after every contact.

Social Distancing: Maintain social distancing at public places and avoid direct or indirect contact with people. Use verbal nods or contactless gestures for greetings instead of shake hands or hugs.

Avoid Public Places: Don’t consider this relief as everything is back to normal. Avoid visiting public places like shopping malls, restaurants, cinema halls, gym, central parks, grocery marts, or even hospitals until it’s an extreme necessity. Check for the green zone before making a move.

Avoid Social Gathering: Don’t start clubbing, parting, social gathering, events, or celebrations right after the lockdown is over. Remember, coronavirus is still spreading with a massive rate, and it’s just the beginning such events are an open invitation to infection spread.

Counite Wearing Face Mask: Don’t stop using a face mask while stepping out premises. It is your safety shilled during the exposure to the outer world.

Checklist for Businesses

If you are a business, you may want to reopen post-COVID lockdown is over keeping employee and customer safety at utmost priority. Before resuming your business, you should keep a check on the Post Lockdown checklist.

Disinfecting Facility: Ensure to run a cleaning and disinfecting check throughout the facility on a routine basis. Frequent wipeouts are required on surfaces that are frequently touched. Make necessary security kits (mask, gloves, hydroalcoholic liquid) available for employees, customers, and staff members.

Social Distancing Marks: Create a social distancing plan with proper marking at reasonable distances. Try to promote work from home as much as possible. Allow employees to come voluntarily in rotational shifts with staggered schedules.

Digital Conferencing: Make use of remote meetings via video calls and promote digital meetings and feedback sessions. Make a remote work mandate for working parents.

Document Communication and Performance: Make shared sheets to document communications, policies, procedures, and performance stats available for all the employees. Conduct reward & recognition more frequently to encourage optimum productivity from people working remotely.

Anticipate and Prepare for Worst: Forecast and chalk out a plan for the worst-case scenario so that you have a Plan B for emergency shutdowns or lockdown extensions. You should be prepared for the second wave off infections and lockdowns.

Wrapping Up

This checklist of post-COVID lockdown is just a compilation of the basic precautionary steps to prevent the spread of the coronavirus outbreak. There is much more that you can do to prevent yourself and your loved ones from this pandemic situation. Anticipate and beware of infection in your surroundings as you got two live long with your loved ones.

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