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Complete solid waste management guide

Complete solid waste management guide 

The high consumerism nowadays has generated an extremely high load of solid waste accumulation, which are often dumped into the environment on a daily basis causing serious consequences for human health and nature conservation.

Adopting actions to reverse this situation is more than necessary, mainly by companies, as they are responsible for producing a significant amount of waste.

The Solid Waste Management proves to be an ally of organizations to eliminate the negative impact that waste mainly cause the associated disposal .

The lack of solid waste management within an enterprise can lead to the following problems, among several others:

For the company:

  • High fines and environmental sanctions;
  • Scandals for cases of pollution to the environment;
  • Negative image of the company;
  • Prevention of new commercial partnerships due to the lack of environmental responsibility;
  • Impediment of operations related to the lack of waste management according to the laws and regulations proposed by the Government and by the responsible entities:

For the environment:

  • Contamination of the soil with fungi and bacteria;
  • Contamination of rainwater and groundwater;
  • Increase in the population of rats, cockroaches, and flies, which spread various diseases; increased costs of products and services;
  • Clogging of rainwater drainage networks;
  • Silting of streams and watercourses;
  • Large-scale fires and difficult fighting; destruction of the ozone layer, etc.

What is solid waste management?

Waste management means adopting a set of appropriate actions in the stages of collection, storage, transport, treatment, final disposal, and environmentally acceptable final disposal, aiming at minimizing waste production, aiming at the preservation of public health and the quality of the environment.

The advantages of solid waste management

Waste management is an opportunity for companies to make money from buying and selling waste. Through one of the management tools, efficient selective collection, allows the separation of quality recyclable materials that can be sold.

In addition, it identifies deficiencies in the production process, reducing waste and costs, increasing business profitability and contributing to sustainable development.

It contributes to a positive image vis-a-vis its customers, partners and the local community, in addition to ensuring compliance with legal requirements, minimizing the risks of fines and punishments.

Currently, there are some platforms that connect companies that are interested in selling and buying waste. For example, the Waste Market platform.  It creates opportunities and optimizes organizations’ solid waste management for better utilization and disposal.

Responsibility for solid waste management is shared

The National Policy on Solid Waste – establishes shared responsibility between the Government, the business sector and the entire community.

Each generator, which includes manufacturers, importers, distributors, traders, the citizen and holders of urban solid waste management services in reverse logistics , is responsible for the waste generated, whether at home or in the company.

In order to comply with the PNRS guidelines, generators must minimize the generation of waste and promote maximum reuse and recycling, guaranteeing the environmentally appropriate final destination.

The responsibility of the household waste generator

Household waste originates from domestic activities in urban residences and the generator is responsible for its management.

He must separate the waste properly and dispose of it for public collection, which is responsible for handling solid waste.

The responsibility of the generator of industrial, construction and health waste

The industries, the civil construction and health sectors have private responsibility for handling solid waste.

What this means? That these sectors must ensure on their own that the stages of collection, transportation, treatment, destination and final disposal take place in an appropriate manner.

The lack of solid waste management in a company has serious consequences

An organization that does not manage its solid waste misses many opportunities, mainly to do business with new customers.

Also, for those companies that wish to implement an Environmental Management System with ISO 14001, they are unable to obtain certification because they do not meet the requirements of the standard.

It is worth remembering that it is an environmental crime to cause pollution or damage to human health, fauna and flora, with a penalty of imprisonment for one to five years in addition to the other civil and administrative penalties if solid waste is dumped without proper treatment.

How to manage solid waste?

Waste Management at first can appear to be complicated, bureaucratic or tiring, especially in the waste classification and characterization stage, however it is essential for your company and can minimize environmental and passive impacts, avoid financial losses and preserve your company’s image. .

In order to generate positive results for its customers and comply with environmental legislation, providing services for the preparation and implementation of waste management plans, in addition to developing training and monitoring to monitor the efficiency of actions.

There are numerous benefits, to know:

  • Assists in compliance with the National Waste Policy
  • Facilitates information management and prevents losses and failures in the process
  • Standardizes communication with suppliers
  • Minimizes the possibility of environmental liabilities and losses for the company
  • Allows complete control of documentation and licenses
  • Optimizes reporting and inventory
  • Assists in meeting deadlines, with reminders and expiration alerts
  • Systematizes information in graphs to guide strategic decision-making

Therefore, adopting positive actions by companies proves to be fundamental to eliminate the negative environmental impacts that are caused by incorrect waste disposal. To remove liability and criminal sanctions, many companies are opting for the adoption of a good solid waste management plan, many with the help of companies specialized in this management.

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