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A Comprehensive Guide to WooCommerce Custom Theme Development for WordPress

The eCommerce platform is enormous, and its vastness is visible in data available online. One such fun fact is that 93.7% of eCommerce sites use the WordPress function through the WooCommerce plugin. (Source: Hosting Tribunal)

What is WooCommerce?

In the developers’ words, it is an open-source, configurable platform that can function as an actively thriving eCommerce platform. Globally, many entrepreneurs have turned to it in times of need and for making their websites fully functional.

With a wide array of features, you can choose to integrate your content right from products to services, both online and offline. All of them showcased in a positive light, and you can choose from unlimited options and cater to users across the world.

You can add infinite levels of information as the control and ownership are in your hands. Also, you can choose from different models to buy and sell products or services in the digital environment.

How do you stand apart with WooCommerce themes?

Digital storefronts are flooding the marketplace, and there are multiple competitors in a particular niche. In this scenario, the choice of design and theme customizations is essential to stand apart from the mix.

Drawing in the attention of the consumers is a significant aspect of succeeding at your business. You can use WooCommerce integration with any of the thousands of WordPress themes available.

A suggestion in this respect is to use themes that have WooCommerce enabled. These ready-to-use themes will not only boost the performance of your website but even help in imparting a valuable experience to the users.

Below is a list of the WooCommerce enabled themes to help you choose better:

  1. Shoppe

Source: Shoppe

It is a highly versatile and dynamic theme that helps you build professional-looking websites in no time. The page-builder option enables you to create various pages for your products and services depending upon the furnished information.

Its multi-functionality is evident in the numerous options available to get your store ready and sales to skyrocket.

  1. Astra

Source: Astra

Here is one of the most popular and high-performing WooCommerce themes. You can have your website up and about in no time with the user-friendly interface and built-in functions that can boost your sales and optimize the performance of the eCommerce platform.

  1. OceanWP

Source: OceanWP

This particular theme is a favorite among many WordPress developers and with good reason too. The rich features help it stand apart and make it the first choice for building websites with several alluring add-ons, high-scale upgrades, customizable looks, and so forth. Thus, you can add the templates with the features in a single click. You don’t require coding knowledge, and you can gain control over all the custom-built sections and pages of your eCommerce website.

Factors to look for in a WooCommerce theme

Every theme is unique with its features and benefits but below are specific standard parameters that can help you choose one:

  1. Online review scores are a brilliant way to gauge the performance of a theme. To avoid getting stuck with an under-performing theme, please ensure that you look through the ratings well.
  2. Reliable sources are an essential facet of choosing a WooCommerce theme. Hence, it is advisable to download from the official WordPress repository than any other sources, even though they may offer lucrative discounts.
  3. A user-friendly design and interface are some of the prime attributes. If the consumer gets confused with the theme, then you lose out on a potential paying customer. Hence, please look out for simple yet striking themes to make an impression.
  4. With the ongoing frenzy in technology leading to an increase in smartphone users, it’s best if you check the responsive nature of the theme. If your WooCommerce enabled site doesn’t open on a mobile phone, you will lose a vast segment of the consumers. Please be sure of its adaptability so that the conversion potential is high.

How to install the WooCommerce theme?

Here is a list of steps to guide you through the process of installing a WooCommerce theme:

  1. Through the admin portal, open the themes tab from the Appearances section.
  2. Next, select a theme depending upon your preference from the available list.
  3. c) Use the Feature Filter option to add different features of your choice, making it tailor-made as per your preference. Here is how the dialog box looks:

Source: Install theme

  1. d) Once you spot the theme of interest, hover over it to gain access to options like Install, preview, and details.
  2. e) To make the theme live, click on the Install option and sit back and watch the magic happen.
  3. f) Depending upon the selected theme, you will get additional suggestions like a preview mode, plugins available, and so forth.
  4. g) Click on the customize option to begin the set-up of your theme of choice.

How to safely change the WordPress themes?

Theme Switcha plugin is a valuable input to change the theme on your website after getting a sneak peek at it. Hence, you obtain a preview of the theme before you decide to activate it.

After selecting the option to enable switching of themes, you can scroll down and save the changes. Once the line-up of themes of interest is present on the screen, you can make your choice.

After taking a good look at the preview, you can decide whether it works for your website. Once you select the theme, you can go live with the specific theme.

You begin the process of switching the theme by selecting the activate option. After clicking through, you can visit the landing page of your website to see the theme in action.

Wrapping Up

You have various WordPress guides that you can browse through to gain insights into the development of WooCommerce themes. However, to build and optimize sites, you need the assistance of a WordPress development agency.

They can provide expert technical support, ranging in several options, and allow their developers to set up an eCommerce website smoothly and quickly.

We hope this guide will help you better understand the process and clear up your doubts if any.

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