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astrologer in chennai

You may not believe it entirely, but astrology is an important factor behind your temperament and how you are feeling at any given time. Your rising and moon signs together contribute to your outward and inner feelings.

When you don’t know how to balance them out, there will be a clash of emotions, and you will be agitated.

We all know that being angry is never a good look on anyone. It can lead to people distancing themselves from you, you lose out on potential opportunities, being difficult to work with, among other things.

Astrology is an effective way of finding out why you are short-tempered and what you can do to work on it. When you find out what sign rules your specific planets, you can learn what people you will be able to perform the best with and what kind of people to avoid so that you don’t end up being angry.

Are you short-tempered? Do you have a family member or a loved one who has trouble controlling their anger? If you are concerned about them or want to work on yourself, we recommend you see an top 10 best astrologer in chennai.

If you are unaware of your sign, then here are some tips based on astrology that anyone can follow irrespective of their astrological placement.

  1. Mornings are considered the purest time of the day. If you make it a habit to wake up early, you will have time to reflect upon yourself. There will be calmness around you, and you can revel in it. When this becomes routine for you, you will find yourself getting calmer with each passing day, simply because you have enough time to yourself to compose yourself.
  2. Many vegetables and fruits are considered to calm the nerves and make you relax. Very spicy or highly salted food disturbs your balance and makes you stressed. It is essential to start your day with a healthy, fulfilling breakfast and end it with a light dinner that isn’t too much work for your body to digest.
  3. When you wake up early, and everything is quiet around you, sit for fifteen minutes and focus on one point inside your mind. This point can be the god you are a devotee of or a positive thought. You can think about things like – “I will not lose my temper today,” “I am trying my best to be better,”. You can also start with chanting “Om” or the “Hare Krishna” maha-mantra.
  4. You can try working out, running, or picking up a hobby that makes you focus on it for a while. This way, your anger will dissipate before you can work it out and displease others.
  5. A pearl ring or a necklace is believed to calm your senses and soothe your nerves, regardless of your sign. So if you want, you can get one and wear it every day.
  6. Stay away from screens and worries. Have an hour in your day or even just thirty minutes away from all screens and work tension. Think about your day and reflect on whether you could have been better in any way or not. This does not mean that you should beat yourself over mistakes; all you can do is learn from them.
  7. You can also try chanting the mantra “Om Chandraya Namah,” which is used to appease the Moon, who is responsible for the inner workings of your mind in your chart.
  8. The planet Mars is believed to be the one that affects anger the most. When you find out which planet rules your Mars, you can ask for a solution and follow it with sincerity. For example, people with their Mars in Aries quickly flare up and have a rising temper. At the same time, people who have their Mars in Pisces are usually calm and composed until and unless something ticks them off wrongly.

However, if you want a specific solution for yourself, we recommend that you get your chart read by an expert. There are a lot ofastrologers in Chennai who are capable of giving you an accurate reading. This is going to act as an aid in making you understand the way you are.

When we are given a solid answer to our problems, we can know where to start. You can start doing meditation and going on walks every day, but if there is a fundamental problem in your chart that needs a specific solution, you will have to get to the bottom of it as soon as possible.

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