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Converting the Four-Walled Studio into Home Sweet Home!
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Converting the Four-Walled Studio into Home Sweet Home! 

Today, I will be telling you my story,

a story that many of you would be able to relate to;

a story that might make you want to spice up your home as well;

and a story that made the city of London seem like home to me.

I moved to London close to a year ago after I had finished my cosmetology degree. The opportunities in this city for the budding makeup artists are too tempting for us not to try and take advantage and so I did.

Ever since I moved to the city, I had been living in a sharing space. I did not like my living arrangement, but I had to make do because of the tight budget I was on.

12-months can change a lot of things for a person.

The same happened to me. I had started making a name for myself in the makeup community, and I was making enough money to start living on my own.

And that was the point I fell in love with a quaint studio flat in the city, and I had taken the last step towards my independence.

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The Studio

When I said that I could rent a flat on my own, I did not mean that I could afford one with two bedrooms and multiple balconies in posh London.

Not by any means, all I could afford was a studio flat, which was both reasonable in rent prices and space. Since it would only have me as it living companion, space did not bother me much.

  • The flat had red brick walls that gave it a lot of character. The walls were wholesome on their own that I would not need to invest in too many decorative items.
  • The wooden flooring had a charm of its own, but I would need carpets since my feet could not bear the cold wood floors, especially in the morning.
  • As for the utilities, the flat had everything.
  • 24-hour heat and water supply;
  • A dishwasher, stove, oven and a microwave in the kitchen;
  • A washer and dryer adjacent to the tiny bathroom, with a tub big enough to fit my 5’6” body, no shower curtain though.

If you ask me whether or not I like my new home, I would say I love it!

Yet, it needed a lot of things to be done to it. And once that happens, I would be able to call it my home. I idea still seems surreal to me.

The Improvement

The flat did not come with furnishings, so I needed to buy some as soon as possible, because sleeping on the floor is not at all comfortable, even with a hundred pillows, trust me on that.

The three-month rent in advance and the security had drained my savings to almost two figures. It is depressing, but at least I won’t have to worry about rent for the next 90-days.

I needed money for the furniture, so what do you think I did to get that? I got one of the 100% guaranteed loans. I opted for it because I could not deal with rejection and the approval was faster than a bullet train.

  • Once the money was wired into my account, I was like a woman on a mission with Target my first stop.

I bought a sofa, a coffee table, a bed, and a mattress and a couple of carpets. Just these had made my account seem half empty. But, no regrets, they are an onetime investment.

  • After the essentials were out of the way, I went on to a photo developer and get him the pictures of my family, so that he could develop all of them in the same size and coloring.
  • The third destination of H&M. I knew they had beautiful lamps and decorative pieces, and I needed those for my home. I bought table lamps as well as hanging lamps. I also invested in a gigantic mirror for my wardrobe.
  • The last stop was the nursery; you have to have plants in your home, as much for the aesthetic as for the freshness and fragrance.

After spending an entire day shopping for home décor and almost 80% of the loan amount spent, I felt more than accomplished and exhausted, if I am sincere.

Home Sweet Home!

By the next day, all of my purchases had been delivered. It took me two days to get everything organized, and when I was finished, I found myself crying.

I loved every corner of the home.

The cozy feel of the flat was everything that I had wanted in my home, and I could not have been happier.

The way the lamps illuminated my living area,

the way the plants made the window sill look,

the way the carpets added an old world, yet royal feel to the place,

the way the photo frames made me feel as if my family was right here with me.

Every part of my flat was a part that I had fallen in love with. And when that happens, you know you have just made an empty flat turn into your paradise, which all of us call home sweet home.

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