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Corporate Video Price: How Much Would A Quality Video Cost Me

Corporate Video Price: How Much Would A Quality Video Cost Me 

That the audiovisual format is the most prolific in the digital field in terms of impact, performance and interactivity is more than proven. However, there is a false belief that they are economically poorly accessible. Thinking about the price of a corporate video from the user’s point of view does not make sense unless you talk to a professional in the sector. And always after detailing what exactly we want and in what medium we are going to use that corporate video.

In other words, any audiovisual production, whatever it may be, is difficult to calibrate economically. What is the price of a corporate video? Much cheaper than you imagine.

Corporate video price according to what and for what

There are multiple ways of posing a corporate video. Depending on this aspect, we can determine the of the question that we pose. And it is nothing other than knowing what type of corporate video the customer wants. This will lead us as an audiovisual producer to an economic strip or another when as users we ask ourselves the price of a corporate video.

Having a pre-developed video idea in mind beforehand will greatly reduce costs when you think about the price of a corporate video. We will want the video that we propose. It is one thing to have an idea and another to capture it in all its magnitude and possibilities. You have to disseminate it, analyze it and write it down on paper (storyboard) to have a clear idea with Documentary Video Production Company Dubai of ​​what to do in each of its phases. Logically, the more complex the project, the longer this part will provide us and the price of corporate video will rise.

Corporate video recording

Types of corporate video

By content, infinity; by structure, also great variety. They can go with voiceover, without it, with graphics, without graphics, to several voices, only one, several protagonists, none, only the CEO…

Do you have an idea?

Types of corporate videos would be for example:

  • Presentation videos
  • Interview videos
  • Videos summary event
  • Tutorial videos (product and / or service)
  • Demonstration videos (product and / or service)
  • Informational videos (storytelling)
  • Animated videos
  • Videos catalog
  • Testimonial videos

Surely other audiovisual professionals have in mind an even broader list than what we show you. It will depend on your vision of the objective and needs of the video (for example, whether it is for private use for internal communication, for advertising purposes or part of the brands content strategy).

What is an audiovisual budget made up of?

Each audiovisual production company will structure the price of corporate video as it best understands, but the games that we present below include all the material required for professional recording and editing:


The preparation of the storyline that supports our corporate video is essential for its success. The idea can already be brought by the client, give us an outline of what she has in mind for us to develop it, or on the contrary, leave her creation entirely in the hands of the producer. Be that as it may, it involves a considerable creative effort to pass on the audiovisual budget.

Corporate video production

Camera operator and assistant (if required)

Essential. The camera operator is the professional in charge of recording audiovisual material. Only in the case of wanting a corporate video made solely and exclusively from archival images or resources previously recorded, the camera operator and his team would not be necessary.

This is not usually the case when we think about the price of a corporate video. Sometimes, and depending on the magnitude of the project, the camera operator will require an assistant. This will be in charge of, for example, the lighting of the space, sound issues, even recording from a second camera the plans directed by the operator,

Filming material

We go into detail the particular elements necessary in a recording. Here again, it will depend a lot on the type of video that we have in our hands. What do we need it for? Essential:


  • Camera / s
  • Optic / s
  • Gimbal
  • Accessories (microphones, cables, tripods, rails …
  • Lighting elements
  • Postproduction

Once the recording is finished, the editing, the post-production of the collected audiovisual material becomes very important in the price of a corporate video.

Editing the video consists of giving it an order and meaning until creating the final structure. Choose the right images, shorten them, give them effects if they need them, introduce subtitles if necessary, and thus create the final composition. Keep in mind that depending on the recording format of the cameras we use, these images will require more or less treatment.

The grading is color correction. It has a lot to do with what we have just commented on the format in which the cameras record. Depending on it, it will be necessary to correct the color to give it the aesthetic touch that the purpose of the video asks us, or the client’s brand image needs.

As for the graphics, it is any label or graphic element, static or animated that appears in the composition (which can be simple, medium or complex). The sound of the audios and ambient noise are also produced, as well as the music to be used or other stock images.

Finally, the export of the composition would enter the desired format (maybe due to the characteristics of the use of the video, a different format than the usual .avi .mp4 is required)

Corporate video cost

Announcer (if necessary)

Voiceover would raise the price of a corporate video. But it is not always necessary for the type of video chosen. Of course, when it is essential, the choice of the right voice acquires a capital relevance, being a factor that will surely generate memory in the listeners who watch the video. The locution must be professional, with a diction and intonation at the height of the circumstances. Key to the success and commercial performance of the audiovisual piece.

Items to consider in a corporate video budget

We have not talked about it yet, but there is the pre-production phase, where we will invest time in figuring out what will be needed to carry out the project. Some elements have already been mentioned in the article (technical equipment, equipment, locution …), but there are others such as:


We will mostly record at the client’s premises, but we may require exteriors or even private properties from third parties.

Artistic team

Extras in the recording. Occasional when we talk about corporate videos, which are usually the client’s own employees or the audiovisual production company itself.

Language of the locution

We have already discussed the announcer’s choice for a voiceover that articulates the story. The price of a corporate video will vary if the voice over is a foreign language that requires the hiring of a native speaker.

Use of drones

As a last element to preview before preparing a corporate video budget would be the use of a drone for recording aerial plans. It is an extra at any price of corporate video but a fabulous gain in quality and audiovisual resources.

Drones for corporate videos

In addition to these factors of the pre-production phase, we will value when preparing the budget for a corporate video:

  • Duration
  • Recording days
  • Number of cameras required for recording
  • Type of music (library, composite)
  • Number of reviews until final and final composition
  • Estimated price of a corporate video

To the question that all of you ask yourselves, there is no unanimous answer in all audiovisual production companies, ​​because it will depend on all the elements and factors that we have highlighted in the article. Many of them may not be necessary and that would greatly reduce the amounts.

Video recording price for companies

Now, the price of a standard corporate video would be as follows:

  • Script : € 200
  • Filming material : € 200
  • Camera operator (full day): € 250
  • Camera assistant (full day): € 150
  • Postproduction : € 300
  • Announcer : € 250

What you should keep is that the price of a standard corporate video may not exceed € 500 if there are some particularities, which is a really competitive price, taking into account the various supports in which the audiovisual piece can be used.


The work around an audiovisual composition is complex, technical and precise, and requires specific professionals to obtain an optimal result that meets the expectations and objectives of the client. In these times, audiovisual production companies in Dubai such as DOTMOTIONS try to adapt to the negative factors of the economic and social situation, filing our budgets to make them more attractive to end customers, always maintaining the non-negotiable standards of finish, quality and professionalism. .

That is why, although we have broken down in the article everything that could enter a budget, we have considerably lowered the price of a corporate video, knowing the high demand that still exists by companies and individuals.

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