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Corrugated Boxes; Uses and Types of Corrugated Packaging

Normally, you can witness or find corrugated boxes everywhere around you. Corrugated boxes are basic necessities for a retail business who need to ship their products. The rigidness of the corrugated boxes provides ultimate protection to the product to ship safely. Although these corrugated boxes are famous and easily available in the market most of the common people even do not know what are corrugated boxes and their uses, types, etc.

So, we have compiled this comprehensive guide to give you a detailed overview of the corrugated packaging. So, be with us till the end to enjoy this spectacular learning tour about custom corrugated boxes.

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What are corrugated Boxes?

Corrugated boxes are a combination of cardboard paperboard and multiple rows of air columns. They might have one layer or two layers of such a combination layer. Normally, you can notice the rows of air columns between two Kraft cards. These air columns increase the strength of the corrugated boxes compared to the regular cardboard boxes and provide cushion to a product that lies in between corrugated boxes.

Corrugated boxes are familiar for:

  • Strength
  • Size
  • Biodegradable Factor

There are multiple uses of the corrugated boxes and following we have discussed some major uses so continue reading to learn more.

Usage of Corrugated Boxes


These custom corrugated boxes can be used as product packaging. Custom corrugated boxes not only secure your product from any damage but it also gives a unique brand identity to your product. By having attractive branding on the custom corrugated boxes you can attract users towards your product. The usage of custom corrugated boxes in the e-commerce business is significant, no other packaging type can beat corrugated boxes when it comes to direct shipping. A very famous type that is used are known as custom mailer boxes.

They are much cheaper than the other rigid packaging options and have the ability to deliver the product at the client’s doorstep without damaging the product.

corrugated boxes


The usage of custom corrugated boxes can help to save nature by promoting the usage of eco-friendly packaging options. In the global warming era, the importance of environmentally friendly products has increased remarkably. Corrugated boxes can be easily recycled without using any toxic or harmful chemicals. So, when you recycle the material, it allows you to reuse the same material again and again. This is an amazing thing to show your love for nature.

Brand Promotion

Custom corrugated boxes are the best way to promote or to build your brand’s authority. You can print any artwork on to the corrugated boxes following your brand guideline. So the customers can identify your brand from the rest of the other products that are on the same store’s shelf.

Save Money

We cannot count this element directly to the usage of the corrugated boxes. But, yes by using corrugated eco-friendly boxes, you can save a good amount of money. Because of recyclability, the cost of the raw corrugated material is decreased to 40% that means your corrugated packaging are a bit cost effective option compared to the other packaging options.

Moreover, following we have discussed various types of corrugated packaging boxes. Just keep reading to know what are the types of corrugated boxes.

Types of Corrugated Boxes

There are four main types of corrugated boxes that can be used for various size products.

Single Faced 

This type of corrugated box has only one medium layer with one side cardboard paper. Basically, this type of corrugated stock is usually used to wrap the product to get ready for shipping purposes.

Single Wall

This type of corrugated stock is the most commonly used to make custom mailer corrugated boxes to pack the product for shipping purposes. This corrugated stock has two sheets of cardboard paper and one layer of air-filled columns. This single wall corrugated box can be used to deliver food item as well

Double Wall

The combination of three sheets of liner and two sheets of the medium. Normally this type is used to ship the heavy products. Such firm walls provide the ultimate power to hold heavy products and save them from any damage.

Triple Wall

One step ahead from the double-wall, this corrugated stock is made of four layers of cardboard sheets and three layers of the medium. So, it means that it provides even more strength to the corrugated shipping box to protect the sensitive products and much heavy product comfortably.


We have tried our best to briefly describe what are the corrugated boxes, their usage, and the various types of corrugated boxes. We hope after reading this thorough guide, you will learn a lot. Don’t worry if you are a small and large business owner and are looking for custom printed boxes no minimum in the USA. There are many companies that are now starting from only 100 boxes including the shipping boxes as well.