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How to Create and Complete PDF forms with PDF Element

PDF forms have become quite popular now. They have made it quite easy to fill out the forms online. Previously, you would have to download the PDF forms, fill them out manually, and then scan them for submission. But with the fillable PDF form, you can directly fill in the forms without printing them.

However, to create a fillable PDF form, you must have a good PDF editing tool. And when it comes to PDF editing tool, PDFelement is the first to come to mind. PDFelement is a professional PDF editing tool with which you can perform many operations on PDF files. It allows you to create, edit and fill out PDF forms with ease. So, let’s learn more about PDFelement and how to use it to create and fill out PDF forms.

PDFelement offers you a professional and easy-to-use interface with which you can easily create and fill out PDF forms. Below is the complete guide to creating and filling out PDF forms using PDFelement. This is a guide to make a PDF form fillable.

First of all, you need to download PDFelement on your system. It is available for both Windows and Mac, so download the software accordingly.

Now install and run the software. You will see many options like create PDF, Convert, Edit, etc. If you’ve already created a non-fillable PDF form, you can open that file. Or you can also create a completely new PDF form. Here, I have a non-fillable PDF form with which I would create a fillable PDF form.

Then select and open the file. After that, you would have to click on the form option from the top menu bar as shown in the image above.

Now you will see so many components like text field, check box, radio button, list box, push button, etc. Select the desired components. Here, I am using the archived text as I need it.

Just click and drag the field to the desired size. As if creating 3 text fields. You can also change the properties of the field by double-clicking it.

Now, I need a checkbox on my form, so I select the checkbox field from the form menu.

You can then place the field wherever you choose.

In this way, you can select and place all the required fillable components on your form. Once you’ve completed your form, simply save it and your fully fillable PDF form is ready.

Now if you want to fill out the PDF forms then it is quite easy. You just need to open that fillable PDF form in PDFelement. Then click on the selection tool arrow available at the top left and start filling out the form.

You can also edit that form, for example you can add more fields, text, etc.

In this way, you can use PDFelement to create and fill out PDF forms.

Why is PDFelement a better PDF editor and creator?

Create and distribute PDF forms reliably

This is why PDFelelemt is so popular. It has made creating PDF forms easier than ever. Forget about those complicated methods of creating PDF forms as you can create them with just one click in PDFelement. It is an all-in-one PDF editor that allows you to create a PDF form for any purpose with less effort. You can create a completely new PDF form or convert a flat, non-fillable document to a fillable PDF, whether it was created in Excel, Word, or any other editor.

Edit PDF forms with ease

Not only for creating PDF forms but if you already have any existing PDF forms that you need to modify, you can easily do so with PDFelement. You can add any field like a text box, check box, sign, etc., or delete any part of the form. Editing PDF with this tool is also very fast and easy. With PDFelement you can quickly use single-line editing modes, edit texts, size, font, style, etc. It also allows you to rotate, replace, add, delete, paste, and extract the images, highlight the fields, fill in, draw, comment on your PDF files, add the stamp, etc.

Convert PDF

Now if you have some PDF documents that you want to convert to other formats to make them compatible with other editors like excel, word, etc. It allows you to easily merge, extract and combine PDF files.

Protect document

Furthermore, PDFelement also allows you to protect your documents. Before sending confidential PDF files to anyone, you can protect them with passwords and permissions so that only that person can view the document.

Simplify reviews and collect signatures faster

Comment, review, and sign are some of the other features you get with PDFelement. With this PDF editing tool, you can easily review and markup PDF forms with the complete set of commenting tools that PDFelement offers. You can even sign your PDF and send your documents to your clients for signing approval and contract execution.

Last words

PDFelement is a powerful and very useful tool for day-to-day business operations. It has all the features and tools you may need to create and edit PDF forms. You not only create and edit PDF files, but you can also protect PDF files with passwords. It also allows you to fill out PDf forms and convert PDF files to any other format. So, you get a lot on one platform. A free trial version is also available and to access all the features, you can purchase the paid version. Visit this page to find out about the discounts given.