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Cross-Platform Development: Building Applications for a Multi-Device

In the digitally interconnected world, we are living in today, businesses need to focus on creating solutions that can work smoothly on different devices. Cross-platform development can be the best solution here. There is a forecast that the global app development industry will grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 16.8% by the year 2033​​.

A development process that creates apps performing well on different platforms, acts as a bridge between devices and operating systems. In this way, it offers the same user experience on different devices.

Cross Platform Development

The Importance of Cross-Platform Development

When you talk about cross-platform development it means to build apps that can perform well on different devices and operating systems. With the traditional development methods, there were needs for different builds for each platform. But with cross-platform development, a developer uses a single codebase across different environments.

Cross-Platform Development for Businesses

Cross-platform development is a very well-planned approach for businesses all over the world. Using this approach, businesses don’t have to hire multiple development teams and in turn, they will be able to not only save their time but also their money. 

There will be a single team that will manage the app on all the platforms and will make sure that the business is offering a consistent experience. That’s the reason many companies prefer to hire Ruby on Rails developers. Ruby on Rails developers are experts in creating cross-platform apps with versatile features and they are also adaptable.


There are a few challenges to deal with when you’re working on cross-platform development. When applications are not developed for a particular platform, there can be issues with performance. Apps might not run as smoothly.

There might also be requirements for some additional native codes or plugins. Developers can also face issues when they try to integrate specific features according to the device. However, developers can easily find solutions for these issues.

User Experience

User experience is a basic and the most important part of development. The basic requirement for such apps is to offer a consistent UX on all platforms. For this, the developers need to design the apps carefully and then perform regular testing to make sure they are responsive and friendly for users. 


Cross-platform apps need continuous testing. It guarantees that they will perform perfectly on all the targeted platforms. Developers can use different automated testing tools to simplify this process. These tools can also help them in the identification of issues and then solve them according to the platforms.

Emerging Technologies

Emerging technologies like AI, IoT, and cloud computing are hugely affecting development. These emerging technologies provide new chances to create much more intelligent, connected, and adaptable applications. To stay in the race, developers must add these technologies to their applications. These technologies also help to meet the changing demands of the users.

Keeping Up with Emerging Technologies

Cross-platform development is continuously changing and developers need to stay up to date with the latest tech trends. As there are new devices released every day, developers must create applications accordingly and also keep on updating them. Keeping up with the latest tech guarantees that the applications will work seamlessly in the quickly changing tech trends.

Practices for Cross-Platform Development

With cross-platform development, there are different practices that can help achieve success. First of all, developers need to focus on a design that is friendly for the users. They need to maintain a clean database and do continuous testing as well as optimization for every platform.

The Future Cross-Platform Development Holds

The cross-platform development process holds a very bright future. With time, tools and technologies are advancing and it is reducing the gap between cross-platform and native performance. All this is making developers and businesses adopt cross-platform development for creating digital solutions.


Cross-platform development is an economical way to create advanced applications that are user-friendly and give the same performance on different platforms. By using the right ways and tools, developers can easily create apps that meet the current demands and can also change according to future requirements.