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The current range of Kubota excavators
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The current range of Kubota excavators 

Your selection of excavator brand can make or break your construction project success. But choosing a reputable brand is pretty overwhelming and chances of getting trapped by sugar-coated marketing statements are there. So, before the enthusiasm takes better of you, it’s time to embrace the name of the trust.

Kubota offers the most comprehensive range of excavators starting from 0.8 tonnes up to 8.2 tonnes. Whether you’re into a mega construction project or want to dig a few holes for planting trees in your backyard, the Kubota range has a perfect fit for every need of your excavation jobs. Kubota are currently the number one brand of excavators used in Australia, and are very popular for excavator hire in Melbourne for construction projects.

Their range offers excavator series that comes with ultra-versatility and comfort that’s matchless. Let’s explore some of the famous series of the current range of Kubota excavators:

K008 Series

With its spacious and comfortable cabin, this range of mini-excavators fit in even the tightest of spaces. With its powerful diesel engine, it delivers superior horsepower and performance that’s matchless. To reduce the track width, it allows the adjustable width of the track frame and easy changing of the blade with. This series comes with a bucket of the capacity of 0.59 cu.ft. to 0.70 cuts. Ft while it offers pin-on coupling with different range of teeth in the bucket. The K008 is the smallest mini excavator hire you can obtain and perfect for small jobs or areas with minimal access.

KX018-4 Series

This series of mini-excavators offers handling heaviest of loads in the tightest of places with stability. Its special feature includes a roomy operator’s area that’s equipped with features to enhance productivity and comfort. So, if you need some powerful digging force in a tight space area, this series of excavators can do wonders. With its powerful 17 H.P. tier 4 diesel engine, you can get great efficiency with much low noise and vibration.

With its wide variable track width and long tumbler distance, it offers safety beyond expectation. Due to its balance and power, it offers an impressive bucket digging forces for the toughest conditions.

KX71-3 Series

For powerful excavating jobs, this series of mini-excavators has a host of features to deliver efficient and reliable performance. For the operator’s comfort and ease of services, this series is high on demand among excavation contractors. It has got a variable displacement pump that can adjust the oil flow and pressure according to the workload. That’s the reason why it is the most economical and fuel-efficient excavator series for you. Its digital panel gives you accurate and timely diagnostic readings for routine maintenance alerts.

KX033 Series

If you’re looking for a strong bucket breakout force that can handle the toughest excavating jobs, this series stands out. With its speed and efficiency, it is extremely stable with enhanced lifting capacity. Its’ 3-ton class offers a wide variety of tough excavating jobs. With innovative counter-balance, it delivers safe and efficient operation that is ideal for lifting heavy objects.


Looking for an angle blade? Well, these series offer the versatility that you’ll never experience in the mid-size 5-ton mini-excavators. This series of excavators offer reliable engine featuring compact and well-balanced design. With its exceptional power and versatility, it can tackle any job and working conditions with ease.

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