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How Custom Packaging Boxes Help Your Packaging Business To Stay Competitive
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How Custom Packaging Boxes Help Your Packaging Business To Stay Competitive 

The packaging business has been known to be the most lucrative to be one of the most profitable industries so far. A report has mentioned that there are over 7 billion people in the world whereas each person consumes on average $114 value of packaging every single year. Undoubtedly, the packaging industry has developed potentially. However, the market share is not equally distributed with the fact that smaller packaging companies are regularly stuck in the shadows of their bigger competitors. So, if you are doing business in this convincing industry, then you should understand how custom packaging boxes can help your packaging business to stay competitive in the industry.

Despite the fact that it is a promising industry, the packaging business will give a tough, competitive landscape for smaller companies. However, it doesn’t mean that those small packaging businesses cannot strive at all. In fact, there are ways in which your packaging business can take on the industry’s ‘big players’.

Create the Right Pricing

The customers in the packaging industry market are quite sensitive to price. In fact, even the smallest difference for custom boxes for packaging can turn an apparently loyal customer into your competitor’s newest procurement.

Product Boxes
Product Boxes

Most of the big packaging companies have the perfect set-up to play with prices according to the market fluctuations. Thus, dropping the price slightly might not be a big deal for them at all.

Well, the fact is, the packaging is a cost-driven market, and thus, without a proper pricing strategy, your business could be left behind.

Be Creatively Different

Now let’s be honest, today we cannot see too much differentiation in the products offered by the packaging companies. In fact, the market is essentially made up of a number of companies providing similar packaging boxes bulk to their targeted customers. This explains why the price turns out to be a significant differentiator.

Well, the good thing is, price is not the only potential point for your business to be different. More than that, you could pay attention to be creatively different and stand out amongst thousands.

For example, we have acknowledged that customers today are more socially mindful and environmentally conscious than ever before.

Another creative action you could do is offering the impeccable custom boxes with a logo to plea your customers more. By seeing how those famous brands have realized the importance of brand awareness, these boxes can open up a new wave of customers to trust your products and services.

Know More About Your Customers

The more understanding you have into who your customers are, what their business needs, and which products they buy, the better you could communicate and sell your products effectively to them.

The reality is, in order to reduce the production cost, companies would usually type and browse for ‘packaging boxes near me.’ This can be a great advantage for your packaging business to get as much as customers who are nearby your location.

Once you could satisfy them with your products and services, then it is likely they would recommend your company to their clients or business partners. Hence, you are eventually extending the scope of your business range as well.

Try Out Up- and Cross-Selling Technique

In any competitive market industry, cross-selling is one of the best ways to win the price war. In the specific packaging industry, it has been approved as a completely under-utilized tactic. For instance, if you produce cardboard boxes, it is no doubt that you would also produce the specific tape to assembly the boxes together. So, if a customer will order a custom cardboard box from you, then they would have to buy the tape as well.

There are various opportunities for your packaging business to offer up- and cross-selling in this industry. Why? Because most of the products can be paired for better convenience and your customers would love to get a bulk deal from their trusted supplier. With excellent business intelligence tools, these opportunities can be identified instantly, enabling you to respond to your customers’ requirements faster with the most applicable solutions.

Build Up Brand Loyalty

The fact is. those competitors are ready to undercut your business at every corner, and competing on cost alone is not a practical long-term solution. Thus, you need to think more than only money.

If you want your business to get long-term profits, then you need to build strong relationships with your customers that would stand the test of time. This can be done by offering some relevant value-adds and extras to make sure your customers would come back to you every time they need the best packaging solutions.

Don’t forget to build brand loyalty by checking in with your customers, share some interesting industry news with them, ask their feedback about your company, and some problems they might be facing and how could you possibly help them out. In brief, don’t stop your step as a supplier, instead, you could be a trusted business partner for your customers.

Wrapping Up

Even though there is an increasing demand for custom packaging boxes and materials, but there are also thousands of rivalries you would have to face in this competitive market. To establish your business securely in the market, you need to focus less on cost and do more on your customers.

By paying more attention to the production and distribution of your retail packaging boxes, you could ultimately extend your business scope, gain more loyal customers, and of course, win the market competition.

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