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Custom Soap Box Packaging — The Most Important Thing You Forgot
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Custom Soap Box Packaging — The Most Important Thing You Forgot 

Whether it was fake or an original’s copy, we all have bought those cheap, disposable, and expandable items from online stores. But think about how it was delivered to you? Did it arrive in a dreary and padded mailer box? Or by good fortune, it was shipped in a plain white box. Sure, there is nothing fancy, but that’s okay because you didn’t pay for fancy.

The sixty million dollar question is, what can you recall about that purchase?

To be honest, nothing.

Because it was not an extravagant purchase. You bought it because it was cheap, and kind of fun to get your hands on a first copy. In this scenario, the brand was irrelevant.

Yet, the fact remains that the product swept you off your feet, and you decided to purchase it without knowing who is actually responsible for it. It means your first interaction with the brand was pretty much non-existent. For an online brand, this happens for several reasons:

  • They are offering cheap products.
  • The vendor isn’t making huge money out of it.
  • The item was mass-produced.

Due to these restraining factors, the first interaction didn’t blow the customers away.

But let’s have a look at your brand and your soaps for a moment. You are more likely a brand that knows that the soaps are selling pretty well. You know how to generate proceeds from your marketing process and how to produce and launch a novel product.

That’s what professionals do. They build brands like a true champion because they love what they do, and their passion reflects in the brand.

But, here’s the pressing question:

Would you ship your soaps in the same padded mailboxes that you got your cheap product in?

If yes, then you are definitely selling yourself short.

If you are not going to deliver your soaps in a custom soap box packaging that is not as unique and memorable as your product, don’t expect the audience to remember your brand. Their interaction with your brand will be non-existent.

There a million reasons why brands should be shipping their products in custom packaging, and here we are going to discuss a few more!

soap packaging

Make a Stunning First Impression

You only get one chance to make the first impression right. Make sure it counts.

Human beings base a lot of their experiences on the first impression. For instance, consistent eye contact and a firm handshake will give you the perception that the individual is trustworthy and confident. Similarly, the first physical touchpoint of a brand is when its packaging is delivered to the customers. For this reason, product packaging is often perceived as a handshake that sets the tone for your brand and product.

If you manage to nail your first impression with exquisite custom soap box packaging, it will foster trust and project who you are. Remember, a flaky first touchpoint isn’t going to work in your favor. Instead, it will drive the customers away. In brief, you will force them to buy a rival brand.

It Adds Massive Value

Can you recall the last time you said, “Wow, this was worth every penny”?

Perhaps this would have happened when you went to a new diner and got more food than you have actually paid for. It might be when you bought a formal suit and the sales guy was super helpful. Or, it may have happened when the guy at the tire shop rotated your tires for free as they were due.

There’s one thing common among all these situations; more value. If you want your customers to feel the same way, make sure to offer extra value by shipping your soaps in well-designed boxes.

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