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Custom Woven Clothing Labels | Best Option for Brand Building

Looking for inspiration to build your brand with custom woven clothing labels?

In this blog, we have shared certain ideas to increase your brand worth through the application of labels to top products that people always look forward to purchasing.

As you know, labels are primarily used for identification and sorting purposes. However, in recent years, the focus has changed, and now they apply it to various clothing products to increase the brand’s presence.

So, without wasting time, explore the products and boost your business!

9 Ideas to Increase Brand Worth through Custom Woven Clothing Labels

 1: Hoodies & Woven Clothing Labels

Hoodies are one of the most favourite clothing items. They are perfect for winter; however, some fashion enthusiasts also love to wear them in summer. Also, they come in various colours and styles that are enough to outshine everyone’s personality.

So, if you want your business to take a flight, apply labels and iron on patches to give the hoodies a perfect appeal. Also, you could order iron on patches NZ or some other types which you prefer to ace the look.

 2: T-Shirts & Woven Clothing Labels

Who does not love T-shirts? Whether you belong to a young age group or an old, t-shirts are a must in the wardrobe. Also, irrespective of the gender, t-shirts are a topmost choice. Whatever the event is, formal or informal, tees are the go-to choice.

That’s why customized labels are the best match for the product and enable businesses to showcase their presence in a sophisticated manner. Also, they are the most suitable giveaway option and rightly achieved the purpose.

 3:  Hospital Clothing & Woven Clothing Labels

After the pandemic, the increase in the demand for hospital apparel has witnessed the hype. It has become so significant that businesses have begun to target a particular area. Whether a small or big textile business, hospital clothing is now on their priority list.

Therefore, to establish a brand presence, woven clothing labels are a good idea to gain due recognition. Also, they are best for small ventures because businesses that are in the developing phase need affordable marketing products to enhance their visibility.

4:  Exercise Wear & Woven Clothing Labels

Exercise comes under a healthy lifestyle. Previously, no extra effort was made to encourage the importance of doing exercise and making it a part of the routine. There were no special clothing items for a man and a woman for it.

Thanks to the advancement and change in people’s mindsets, Exercise wear now has a special place. They have become so popular that you can simply utilize them if you want to exercise at home or the gym. And what if it is paired up with labels? Then, it adds a more professional touch and increases the worth of the brand by attracting others.

5: Infant Clothing & Woven Clothing Labels

The growing idea of celebrating every moment of the child has allowed businesses to show creativity on their part as well. Using labels, they establish their presence and win people’s hearts.

These kinds of events are very precious and emotional for parents and everybody present in the celebration, which is why labels are perfect for giving them a personalized touch and a memorable feeling. Also, they help in making the event more unique and worthy of remembrance.

6: Uniforms & Woven Clothing Labels

Uniforms and labels go side by side. Brands looking to establish their footing in the market can use this idea to increase their presence. Uniforms are the most common clothing item and are part of every household. Whether a school-going boy, a college teenager or someone going to the office, uniforms are part of their daily routine.

Therefore, it is best to think outside of the box, bring the use of labels into something productive, and see the result yourself.

7: Dungarees & Woven Clothing Labels

Who wears dungarees? From ladies to gents, everyone who loves to display fashion with ease and style. Their presence is not new, as you have heard of; old is gold. So, they are one of them. Their style might differ, but their structure always remains the same.

Fashion industries are fond of experimenting with this clothing item and take out multiple collections yearly. Be it labels, patches, or vibrant abstract designs, they leave no room for bringing creativity to dungarees. Hence, these are the perfect options to try luck and give your brand hype.

8: Feather Garment & Woven Clothing Labels

Feather garments are the most preferable clothing items in Europe or countries with cold weather. So, the best way to enhance their appeal is by adding labels. What you can do is – get hands-on woven clothing labels or other online service providers to make your garments more stylish and trendy.

You know, feather-related stuff is popular in winter not only for the outfits but also for the bedding and other accessories. Hence, if you want to boost your brand presence, then choose labels that are comfortable to wear and give a soft feel.

9: Shorts & Woven Clothing Labels

When the summer season gets near, people rush to buy exotic shorts collection. They are mostly purchased for enjoying vacations. Also, customers who want to feel comfortable and relaxed in their homes have this item as nightwear. Moreover, its other uses are for kids, wrestlers, swimmers, fighters, or people who belong to the sports industry.

So, utilizing labels by providing quality to the customers is another best way to increase your business name.


What is the recommended size for applying a woven label to the outfit?

The recommended size for applying a woven label to the outfit is 40mm. However, it’s up to the customer’s preference in which size he wants his label.

Does applying a woven label to the outfit in a bigger size cost more money?

Yes, a bigger size label will cost you more money because it requires additional setup and more material. However, if you go for an average or standard size, it will be a pocket-friendly option.

Where can I attach my woven labels on the outfit?

You can attach the labels on the back of your outfit. However, if you are wearing a shirt, then you can fix it under your sleeve corner. Also, you can attach the label to the back pocket when wearing denim jeans or any other pant variety.

What is the primary difference between printed and woven labels?

The primary difference between woven and printed labels is that printed labels do not require any loom and are the cheapest variety under labels. However, woven labels are costly and are made by using a loom.

Wrap Up!

Woven clothing labels are the best choice and give a very royal touch to the clothing items. They are a good choice not only for branding but for elevating your style as well. Also, unlike other labels, they give a finesse and sophisticated look. They add an expensive touch to the dress by providing it with an extra element of care. Further, if you want to add value to your business, employ the woven label marketing strategy to enhance your brand presence and reward employees with different products having customized woven labels on them.

Your Next Stop Should Be Woven Labels,

So, Purchase Now and Add the Wow Factor to Your Outfits

As Style Is What Defines You Better!

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