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David Nehdar Biography- Husband of Lacey Chabert

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When we say the festival is the queen of Hallmark movies, it won’t take you a minute to guess who we’re talking about, right? Yes, this is the famous Lacy Chabert, singer and actress. Despite playing more than one ill-fated love interest on screen, she is happily married to handsome businessman David Nahdar. There are many couples who complement each other to this level of perfection. Both David and Lacey are the perfect example of a perfect lovey dovey couple.

So, would you like to know some interesting facts about the beautiful actress’s husband, David Nehder? If you are eager to know about some interesting things then stay with us till the end. Let’s take a look!

What is the current net worth of David Nehder?

Since you are reading this article, it is obvious that you are a die-hard fan of Lacey Chabert, and therefore, you are eager to know about her husband David. Well, you are at the right place as we will share all the relevant details with you here.

As we mentioned earlier, David Nahdar is an experienced businessman. He was born in Los Angeles, California, United States. Yes, he has American citizenship and is of white descent. As far as his educational background is concerned, he completed his graduation from a reputed university in Business Management.According to Wiki, David Nahdar celebrated his birthday on August 16 and he was born in 1974, so his current age is 46 years old. Let’s know some more unknown aspects about the handsome entrepreneur.

David Nahdar’s rise to fame

Although David Nahdar has always been a successful businessman, he made headlines for his marriage to popular actress and singer Lacey Chabert. So what do you think? Was he always interested in business, or was it out of some pressure? According to sources, he always wanted to be an entrepreneur. He was interested in business since his childhood. So he started managing his family business and his family members from a very young age.

However, after his marriage to Lacy Chabert, he became a famous face in the Hollywood film industry. In fact, they were dating each other for a long time before they finally tied the knot. Since they both belonged to different fields, their wedding ceremony had many high profile guests. However, he kept it hidden from the media for a long time.

David and Lacey’s dream wedding

Many of our readers will be eager to know about the love story of this beautiful couple. So here we are with the details. As we mentioned earlier, after several years of dating, David and Lacey decided to get married. Previously, whenever David Nahder was asked about his relationship with Lacey, he always said that she was his best friend. However, their relationship was a secret for a long time.

On December 22, 2013, the couple finally announced that they had married in a private ceremony over the December holidays. Since her fans only saw her as a part of a few red carpet events, many publications were confused about her real appearance. However, later, the couple cleared all the confusion about everything.

Do David Nehder and Lacey have any children?

Yes, the beautiful couple has a daughter. It was in 2016 when beautiful actress Lacy Chabert announced her pregnancy via Twitter. Moreover, the couple made this announcement in a unique way. He posted a photo of his pet dog wearing a shirt that read, “My mom is having a baby, and all I get is this crazy shirt.”

Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar: Daughter of David Nehdar and Lacey Chabert

In fact, since then, both David and Lacey have been in touch with their fans by posting pictures up to a week before the delivery. They later revealed through an Instagram post that their baby is a girl. He also shared a post in the first week of September revealing the name of his daughter Julia Mimi Bella Nahdaran. The couple named it in honor of Lacey’s mother, Julie Chabert. His social media profiles are filled with various cute pictures of his young daughter.

What is the current net worth of David Nehder?

Since David Nahdar is a successful businessman, there is no doubt that he earns a lot. According to sources, he is earning a net worth of well over $9 million. Also, his wife Lacy Chabert is one of the most popular actresses in American showbiz right now, so her earnings are also high.According to sources, their net worth is around $4 million. Fans also believe that David Nahdar’s association with Lacy Chabert has also helped boost his net worth.

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