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What are diamond extracts?

Diamond Juice, also known as Wade Diamonds or THCA Diamonds, is a marijuana concentrate made from concentrated hemp, called a sauce in liquid form. Depending on the texture and appearance of the crystal line, these diamonds vary in clarity, color, size and shape.
However, all properly prepared diamond slips will be just as visible under the camera lens as in the next joint.
How is diamond liqueur made?
Like ordinary diamonds, diamond extracts are made under pressure. Before cleansing, however, note that diamond extracts are only made from freshly cut and flashed frozen cannabis, which preserves the integrity of the trichomes, terpenes and cannabinoids. Do not try this process at home.
With this in mind, the first extract from the cannabis plants is done using cold extraction methods. Then they use a chromatography machine to press the oil extract until it crystallizes.
The second part of the manufacture of the diamond extract is achieved by one of two different methods: the crystal line method or the closed loop system.
of the crystal method
During the crystalline method, a solvent for THC isolation is first added to produce a highly saturated solution. Then shake and squeeze the solution to form diamond liquor with the evolution of solvent vapour.
closed loop systems
Under closed-loop extraction systems, it is first used to separate terpenes and THC from plants. Then the extraction experts slowly clean the solvent over several days. During this time, diamond lye is formed.
The closed-loop process typically takes two days to several weeks to release pure diamond extract.

How are diamond extracts different from other cannabis concentrates?

Diamond liqueur is the strongest cannabis as it contains 99.9% TCH when heated. This is in stark contrast to all other cannabis concentrates which have a typical THC strength of 70-90%.

How do you use Diamond Juice?

Like all other cannabis extracts, diamond extract needs to be heated to evaporate. You can dab, steam or smoke them. However, you may want to invest in high-quality equipment to get the most out of your diamond extraction experience.
Another option is to smoke diamond juice for joints. All you have to do is press a diamond, crush it and sprinkle the kernels onto dried flowers (as in Kiev).
Fresh ideas
The legal market is constantly renewing itself, offering marijuana users multiple cooking solutions. As these usage options evolve, diamond grinding becomes the ultimate way to get the most out of people.

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