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Blacktop can be called the river variety. Asphalt refers to a mixture of bitumen and crushed stone used to pave major highways and roads. It is also used for flooring and ceiling. Blacktop, on the other hand, refers to the same mixture of bitumen and crushed stone, but used to cover driveways and residential streets.

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The main difference between the two is the composition of the components. As mentioned above, both asphalt and blacktop are made of the same materials: bitumen and crushed stone. However, the conditions are different in both mixtures. In the mix, the asphalt has fewer pebbles and the blacktop has more pebbles. The surface of the Black Peak is noticeably paler than the river because of the abundance of crushed stone.

Heat the ice

For both asphalt and blacktop, the mixture of bitumen and crushed stone is heated to more than 250 degrees. However, because of the abundance of crushed stone, the dark peaks must be heated to higher temperatures than the core. Its temperature reaches 300 degrees, which is 50 degrees higher than the river. After stirring, it is first mixed and then placed on the sorted road bed.

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Highways with heavy traffic will allow you to see the river while low-traffic areas will see blacktop. Commercial streets such as highways are expected to see the river, while residential streets such as parking lots, driveways and playgrounds will see dark peaks. Although useful, high quality crushed stone alloys are not as durable as the low crushed stone alloys used on commercial roads. Hence, asphalt is preferred over blacktop in the construction of roads and highways. However, they are both effective and can be adapted to fit the space where they are placed.

Benefits of asphalting on black

Unlike blacktop, asphalt contains less crushed stone admixture because it creates a smooth surface for vehicles that is convenient for most people. The smooth surface means your luggage is safe during the journey and there is less noise from neighboring vehicles. It can also prevent damage to vehicles and pave the way for gravel roads. Less breakage, of course, means you save some coins that could otherwise be used for repairs.

In addition, there are additional (unequal) uses of the river used above. Unlike blacktop, asphalt is very versatile and has additional features like waterproofing. As a result, many projects can use asphalt.

Because asphalt is waterproof, it can be used for special projects like building clay basins or for moisture insulation. The core is thicker than blacktop, which also makes it an excellent soundproofing product.


The cell paving contractors at ABC Paving say most asphalt paving contractors prefer blacktop because it is durable and easy to repair. Blacktop is used on lighter surfaces, so it lasts longer than asphalt. In addition, blacktop is easier to maintain than asphalt due to degradation.

The higher the concentration of crushed stone, the higher the temperature at which it is formed and the better its durability. High temperatures are also weaker than rivers. Damage means the ground can sag, block cracks and holes, and reopen after bad weather.

The bottom line

Both blacktop and asphalt are safe and durable leveling materials, making it suitable for a variety of leveling projects. Both are also durable, asphalt is stronger than blacktop, and blacktop is worse than asphalt. Now similar to asphalt and blacktop making it suitable for a variety of leveling projects. But understanding the difference will make it easier to choose the best material for a particular project.