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General color information on Labrador

Labrador retrievers are usually white, black or brown. White can be solid (white) or colored. The spotted white is called a chinchilla. If a dog has chinchilla markings, it is not considered a true white. In addition to coat color, eye color is also an important factor in breed identification. White eyes are most common in Labradors. Black eyes are also common, but some breeds have brown or amber eyes. Some people have blue eyes, but very rarely. Blue-eyed laboratories are sometimes referred to as “blue-colored” because their eye color is often considered blue-gray rather than blue. Labs with black coats and blue eyes are called “Black Labradors.” If you see a red, yellow or orange Labrador, the dog is probably a cross with a German Shepherd. These dogs have the same size but different genes. Labrador Retrievers come in all shapes and sizes.


Discuss some of the different types of dogs based on different colors

Black Labradors

The Black Labrador is a cross between a Labrador and a German Shepherd. The result of this cross is that the dog has a longer body than a purebred Labrador but is still shorter than a German Shepherd. These dogs can be black or brown. Black Labradors are more common, but brown Labradors are more common in the United States. Eye color can range from blue to amber to hazel to brown. Black eyes are the most common. Some labs will have blue eyes and some will have green eyes. Black Labradors have a higher risk of hip dysplasia than any other breed. The White Labrador is a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Whippet. These dogs are about the size of a Labrador but have a shorter coat.

About Yellow Labs Labrador

Yellow Labs Labradors are very healthy dogs in the area. They are known to be kind, humble and strong. It is also very active and performs well in all types of weather. Labradors are active dogs who love to play, run and swim. The Labrador is a medium-sized, short-haired dog native to North America. In fact, they were brought to England by sailors in the 16th century.

About the silver Labrador

Silver Labradors are especially capable of hunting and exploring with their keen eyes. They are also extremely loyal to their owners. They are a breed that likes to be happy. He wants nothing more than to please his boss. When you first meet this breed, you will notice that they are very intelligent, well trained and very loyal. This will be the last dog you buy because you will love him unconditionally.


There is no difference in the colors of Labradors. In fact, there are no Labrador colors. Color is simply a word we use to describe the contrast of objects. Labrador Retrievers come in many different colors, but they are still Labrador Retrievers.