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# of different kinds of ties

# of different kinds of ties 

Have you ever gone shopping for a tie and when you got to the store you noticed there were different kinds and styles of ties to choose from? Well that is because there is. Not only are there different kinds of ties but there are also many different manufacturers that have their own distinct style that differentiates them from their competitors. There are ties for different occasions that you could choose from. Some can be worn for any occasion while others are more elegant and worn specifically for special events. 


The more commonly used ties in no particular order are:

  • Skinny Tie
  • Bow Tie
  • Ascot Tie
  • String Tie
  • Clip On Tie
  • Apron Necktie
  • Sailor Tie


The Skinny Tie is a necktie that is much skinnier than a more standard type of tie. You don’t normally see skinny ties at the workplace or special events. The skinny tie is more of a casual tie, worn most likely for casual occasions. Skinny ties are normally between 1 ½ inches to 3 inches in width. They tend to be less elegant than other kinds of ties, so make sure you’re wearing one to the right occasion.


A bow tie is a fancier kind of necktie. It is normally tied using a common shoe lace knot, which is also called the bow knot for that same reason. It consists of a strip of fabric tied around the collar of a shirt so that the two opposite ends form loops, making it look like a bow. Thus getting the name bow tie. These days,  bow ties represent uncaged creativity, a confident willingness to be different, and an embrace of style in daily life.  They are normally worn during special events like weddings, important business meetings and other more important gatherings or events. 


The ascot tie is a neckband with wide pointed ends, traditionally made of pale grey patterned silk. This is a wide tie that is usually patterned, folded over, and fastened with a tie pin or tie clip. Not everyone can pull off wearing an ascot tie. They can be tricky to pull off and really aren’t for everyone. This kind of tie is more commonly seen in more formal settings. Most people have never even had the privilege to see an ascot tie, nevertheless wear one. These kinds of ties are a lot less frequently used.


A string tie is a necktie that is very narrow and is usually black. It is worn in the style of a bow tie, but the opposite ends of the tie are left hanging much lower. This kind of tie is just as it sounds, a string that’s looped in a bow rather than being more regularly knotted. This kind of tie is more common with western wear and is more casual than elegant. 


A clip on tie is more common with the younger crowd, those less likely to know how to tie a tie. It is normally fastened together by a hook and a clip. It is more for those not wanting to worry about having to tie the perfect knot or just really don’t mind. Clip on ties are not commonly worn by professionals, which prefer to tie their own tie knots. So you will find that the clip on ties are more commonly worn by kids and young adults. They are often the kind of tie that would come with a rented tuxedo for a wedding or special event.


An apron necktie is the most common of all mens ties. All it is, is a long piece of fabric that is pointed at both ends, one end being wider than the other. You can tie this tie into several different knots. Some of these knots are considered more common and more acceptable in formal settings than others. Apron Neckties come in several shapes and sizes and are usually worn with formal suits.


A sailor tie uses a secure, jam-proof knot. The sailor’s tie can be used in such a way that allows a smaller rope to be attached to a bigger rope. The smaller rope is pulled to the left while the loop should go through the final tuck to form the final product of a sailor’s tie. This style was made popular by our sailors, who were most common to wear this kind of tie.

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