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Differentiation between The batteries of Solar and Inverter

Today we are going to tell everyone what is the difference between solar cell battery and inverter battery through our article. Both batteries are standard amps, but why are inverter batteries cheaper than solar cell batteries? In this article you will also learn what C10, C20 are and what these conditions do to these batteries. If you are wondering what percentage of the battery you should carry, it will last longer. So I would suggest never buying ordinary batteries if you use solar power.

  • All the materials used in solar batteries are very heavy compared to all batteries. That is, with the use of these heavy materials, the capacity of the solar battery to bear the charging heat amperes and is different from the normal battery in all cases.
  • Its other advantage is that if you ask the shopkeeper about the warranty while taking the battery, then he gives the warranty of the same amperes battery separately. If you want more battery warranty, then this is a benefit for you.
  • For any electric device that lasts for a long time, we always have to take care of that device. Therefore, the same rule applies with the battery if you maintain the inverter, and then its life is 5 to 6 years. And the life of the solar battery is 8 to 10 years.

What is the difference between a solar cell battery and a conventional battery?

  • There is a big difference in the structure of the plate under the water, an indicator of the solar, and normal batteries. What we mean to say is that the plates of the solar battery are twice as thick as the plates of the normal battery. And the normal battery turns a bit thin, so the tolerance of the solar battery is very high.
  • Inverter battery is cheap in terms of price. And solar batteries are a bit expensive, but there is no difference between them: there is a difference of 2-3 thousand compared to the same amperes battery.
  • A normal battery is 3 or 4 years old. The plate inside it starts to fall in and the battery backup starts to give less. But the plates of the solar battery are twice as thick. So the solar battery starts to collapse after 8 or 10 years.
  • Any battery works according to the temperature, so it should be kept in a cool place so that the temperature may balance. If the battery is hot, then it will start providing backup as the charged particles inside it are reduced due to heat. And in this case, also, the solar battery gives a better backup than the normal battery.

What are C10 and C20 in the battery?

  • It mainly refers to the charging and discharging of the battery, how long the battery will charge, or for discharge
  • C10 or C20 means that if c10 is written in the battery of 150 amperes. This means that it will take 10 hours for that battery to be fully charged and at least we will have to charge it with an inverter of 15 amperes.
  • It should also be noted that we may not use the inverter for more than 15 am.
  • If we talk about C20-200 amperes is written, then for this, we need an inverter of 10 amperes.


Knowing all this, you may wonder if you can use solar cell batteries in an inverter. So the answer is yes, solar cell batteries can be used in inverters as this type of battery is intended to be able to handle high amps while charging. The sun provides more power than the inverter, so the inverter can use solar cell batteries. But we can’t use inverter batteries in solar because they don’t have the ability to handle high amps. Therefore, it is likely to be worse.