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Discovering the SEO Agency that is right for you

If you’re looking for an SEO Agency, choose one that considers conversions and does not only focus on vanity metrics. This guide will help you find these agencies. Here are five questions you can ask SEO agencies during a discovery call.

We hope this guide will provide a refreshing contrast to other online “guides,” which offer generic advice, such as “think of your needs” and examine the team. This you already know. These questions can help you decide which SEO company suits your needs.

What are your current pricing structures?

RivoRank (our SEO company) was built on these criteria. Our SEO strategy is built on purchasing intent, not the search volume. It allows us to convert users that are searching for your products. You can learn more by jumping on an initial discovery call.

How can you increase conversions?

Good SEO agencies are distinguished from those that only report traffic and rankings. While traffic and ranking are good, ultimately, you want to see people buy your products. The keywords an agency uses significantly affect its ability to generate conversions. SEO is a vital part of their strategy.

Choose keywords that have a high search volume but low keyword difficulty

Use these words in a spreadsheet

It’s important to note that this approach could be better because the high-volume keywords tend to be at the very top of the sales funnel. People searching these terms may still need to be ready to purchase, so they must undergo a long and complicated sales process.

Top-of-funnel keywords, for example, would be “What is Construction Software?” and “What Are the Benefits of Construction Software?”.

The keywords you’ve chosen may have a high volume of searches, but the people searching them will likely purchase something other than your solution. The value of the software to them still needs to be understood.

This contrasts keywords at the bottom of the funnel, such as “the best software for construction” and “software for small contractors.” The people searching for these keywords in Google are already ready to purchase. It’s enough to write a compelling piece that shows your product is superior.

We have found that these keywords at the bottom of the funnel are responsible for most conversions on a website. They can be ranked in at least two to three months due to their low difficulty keyword score.

We recommend avoiding SEO agencies that build keyword strategies around quantity. They will show you graphs of the increase in website traffic over time rather than the actual conversion rate of readers after they have read their articles.

What is your process for writing content like?

It would help if you also asked about the SEO agency’s process for writing during your initial discovery call.It’s because many SEO firms use a strategy we call the “ChatGPT Writing Strategy.” They type their primary keywords into Google to scan through the top pages, then rewrite and publish the material on your website.

You can’t be an industry leader or pioneer if you have the same content as others.During the discovery call, we suggest you ask questions about an SEO agency’s content-writing process. You may want to choose another agency if the agency you are considering needs to be more forthcoming about its content writing process or even admits that it uses a ChatGPT style strategy.

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To write the best articles, an SEO company should interview you, ask your customers about their problems, test your products and those of competitors, and then use these to create new content instead of simply copying existing material on Google.We did a one-hour video call with MightyForms’ founder when we started working together. 

We asked him endless questions regarding his online form builder. For instance, why was it better than others, and what problems did users have before purchasing the form builder?It helped us develop original content that resonated with the customers’ pain points. This also showed them that essential form builders (like Google Forms) were unnecessary and optional. We weren’t able to rewrite the content we found from SERP.

What are the benefits of backlinking to my website from your site?

They are like votes of trust for your site. It is easier to rank in Google for competitive search terms when you have more backlinks.It is essential to have an SEO firm build your backlinks so that you can outrank other websites competing for the same keyword.

Unfortunately, many SEO firms do not have a solid strategy to build backlinks. It’s not uncommon for SEO firms to publish articles and wait until other sites link back. If you are not publishing industry-relevant news, your content may not be able to attract organic links.

It would help if you learned about the backlink-building process during discovery meetings. An SEO agency will have established connections in your sector, which they can use to encourage other sites to link back.

In addition, SEO companies should expand on the criteria used to create backlinks. It is essential to avoid spammy and low-quality backlinks pointing at your website. Not only will you save money, but they can harm your site’s ranking.

Please provide case studies and references

On discovery calls, you should dig deeper into case studies. You can find them on the websites of most SEO companies. Look at the exact details, such as how long the agency took to comprehend the product and what articles were the most effective. Also, consider how much the client got for their monthly retainer.

It’s a good idea to reach out to these previous clients. This will give you an insight into what you can expect. Most of these clients will be willing to tell you about their experiences working with an SEO agency. You can ask them what they like and what you should consider.

What are your current pricing structures?

While the price will largely depend on your budget, you want to avoid hiring the cheapest agency on Fiverr and Upwork. These agencies copy and paste AI and then publish it to your website. The agencies also use black hat techniques, which can lead to you being penalized on Google.

According to our experience, a quality SEO agency costs $2,000 monthly. The package includes an audit of your website, a bottom-of-the-funnel SEO strategy, four or five high-quality pieces, and links from authoritative websites.

In this case, you can get good results from an agency that costs around $2,000 monthly, provided they meet all the above requirements. Some boutique SEO firms that are experts in one field may charge upwards of $10,000 monthly. These services are a good option if your budget is more significant and you need specialized SEO.

Rivo Rank An SEO SaaS agency that takes full responsibility for conversions

You can ask these five questions to an SEO agency during a discovery call if you need help choosing the best one. They will tell you if they report on conversions, not just traffic or other vanity metrics.

Book a short discovery call if you want an Saas SEO agency that will be responsible for the conversions. Our team will walk you through all the steps of our conversion-based search engine optimization process and answer your questions.