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Do Know How to Play Waffle Game Online Laptop and Mobile

Do Know How to Play Waffle Game Online Laptop and Mobile
  • PublishedOctober 5, 2022
  • The board consists of 6 words, 3 next to each other and 3 next to each other.
  • The letters within these words are arranged randomly.
  • The goal of Waffle Unlimited is to make all the letters green.
  • If the letter is green, the letter is in the correct place.
  • If the letter is yellow, it matches the letter, but in the wrong order.
  • You have 20 moves to turn all the letters green!

There are over 2500 different combinations of 6 words and every time the letter order is random, you will probably never play the same game twice!

Waffle Unlimited is in no way related to the original Waffle game.

There are many different country combinations and each time the letter order is randomized so you’ll likely never play the same game twice!

You can download them via the iPhone app through the apple store: Waffle Unlimited Word Game

7 x 7 and 3 x 3 boards were now available! 7 x 7 boards have eight words and 3 x 3 boards have 4 words. 35 moves for 7 x 7 boards and only 6 for 3 x 3 boards!

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Also, download the android phone via google play store: Waffle – Daily Word Game

Waffle Unlimited is not affiliated with the original Waffle game in any way.

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