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Do you know about kbi biopharma

Join KBI Biopharma at Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa next week! Meet with our expert team, including Brian Newsom, Senior Director of Business Development, and Lauren Collison, Senior VP & Site Head for our facility in The Woodlands, TX.

The organisation co-invested around $150m inside the facility collectively with an undisclosed pharmaceutical investor to facilitate the production of the consumer’s healing protein programmes. The facility also serves as a commercialisation choice for KBI’s current and potential future customers.

Inaugurated in April 2022, the power employs more than 2 hundred people throughout several positions, which include production, delivery chain, engineering, first-rate manipulation, and exceptional assurance. The variety of employees on the plant is predicted to boom to 350 by way of the cease of 2022 as KBI specializes in hiring greater personnel at the facility.

Location of the biologics production facility

The site is positioned near KBI’s RTP mammalian drug improvement laboratories in Patriot Park, a brand new multi-segment business improvement located inside the Research Triangle region. It is constructed by way of Strategic Capital Partners, an organisation based totally in Indianapolis.

The site become strategically secured in collaboration with Cushman & Wakefield because of its accessibility to an extraordinarily professional group of workers, which combines the region’s skills, and its technical and educational abilities. It is likewise situated near the Raleigh-Durham (RDU) International Airport.

KBI Biopharma’s biologics production facility details

KBI’s ultra-modern business production facility become built on a 150,000ft2 area to guide the production of mammalian-based totally products, beginning with the past due-level scientific and industrial programmes of an undisclosed patron. The biologics production facility is prepared with up to six 2,000l single-use bioreactors, in addition to associated harvest and purification gadgets. Its design-construct production used KBI’s proven single-use platform to make its delivery dependable with dispensable equipment, automation, and whole application again-up.