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The Dos and Don’ts of Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning
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The Dos and Don’ts of Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning 

Commercial grease trap cleaning is something that concerns all owners of restaurants, cafes, pubs, canteens and other commercial kitchens. It should be remembered that a grease trap plays an important role maintaining a healthy atmosphere in the eating space as well as the cooking space. While you may think that the grease trap cleaning cost is something you can avoid, paying it ensures that you can save money later on.

Accumulated FOG (Fats, Oil, and Grease) or corrosion due to not being cleaned for a long time can lead to the formation of unhealthy bad odor. Moreover, the semi-liquid is also hazardous to health. So, it is recommended to not clean the grease trap by yourself or with a few helping hands. Instead, you should hire a grease trap cleaning agency for the job.

Here are the dos and don’ts of commercial grease trap cleaning that you should keep in mind:

Don’t: Ignore Grease Trap Issues

This is something you cannot at all afford to do. For example, your staff may complain of strange odors in the kitchen. This may be a sign of a clogged grease trap. If not, find out what it is. If it is a grease trap issue, do not ignore it. Doing so will only make it worse. The odor will get stronger and may even reach the customers in the dining area. This can harm your business’s reputation. Be pro-active and respond to such problems but take the right steps as soon as possible.

Don’t: Do It Yourself

Never try to clean a grease trap yourself. There are some do-it-yourself products that may make you claim that you can do it with the help of a few friends. But the process is not easy at all. And it is certainly not just about the means. It is also about the process involved. Agencies of grease trap services have professionals who are experienced in cleaning commercial grease traps in an efficient manner and that too in less time. They have the tools which help them reach corners of a grease trap that you never can.

Do: Contact the Professionals

As mentioned earlier, contact a professional grease trap agency when faced with grease trap issues. They will be able to tell you exactly what iswrong with your grease trap and what steps should be taken from then on. Other than cleaning your grease trap, they will also look after the waste disposal in a sustainable manner. This is something you cannot do. They will also be able to tell you whether your grease trap needs maintenance or you need to have a new grease trap installation. Taking their suggestions is always helpful as it saves from any grease trap related issues in the future. There are many agencies whose grease trap cleaning costis very much affordable without any compromise in the quality of services. So going for them is your best choice.

Do: Regular Scheduled Maintenance

Do not be of the thought that you need only clean your commercial grease trap when you find it clogged. Scheduled regular maintenance is necessary for a longer use of the grease trap. It helps help the lines clear and the compartments functional for a longer period of time. Grease trap cleaning agencies offer regular maintenance services based the condition of your grease trap. This brings down the chances of going for a replacement (although it is useful to go for replacement when your agency suggests you too).

These 4 dos and don’ts should always be kept in mind in order to have a fully functional commercial grease trap. Not doing so will only result in a poor grease trap that will bring in the risk of more investment in the future, something that you may not like.

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