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Hip-Hop Star


Hip-hop artists are often many people’s fashion inspirations, with their style and choice of jewelry often being emulated by people looking to be trendy. With the trends constantly evolving, it comes as no surprise that you have a hard time catching up. If you are looking to update your collection of accessories to include the latest “it” items, don’t worry! We have curated a list of statement accessories to incorporate into your outfits, plus some ideas on where you can get them and style them too! Read on to find out more.

Iced-Out Encrusted Jewels

The phrase “bigger is better” is no stranger to the world of hip hop, especially when it comes to the amount of bling. Diamond-encrusted pieces are still a popular option amongst many hip-hop artists. Chart-topper Jay Z is often spotted with his Yankee ring that is diamond-encrusted, and which has been rapped about in one of his famous songs—New York. Many have been spotted with iced-out jewelry, we think that a custom iced out pendant is a staple piece to your wardrobe.

Keen to purchase?

While Amazon might not be at the top of your mind when it comes to jewelry purchases, they actually have many sellers who specialize in selling bold statement pieces. It’s a worth-it deal if you consider how there is free shipping when you spend a minimum of 35 dollars and free two-day shipping without a minimum spend if you are a Prime member.

For those who like a little hint of pink in their bling, check out the rose gold link-chain ring found on Boasting a diamond-encrusted love knot, the ring is designed by Luxerman and will set you back by $1000.

Styling tips and tricks

The saying that diamonds are a girl’s best friend cannot be truer than when trying to style them. Pairing well with anything, diamond accessories are an easy item to style. Regardless of if you are wearing other colored accessories or if you are wearing other diamonds, they match well.

A tip is not to stack your diamonds, but to wear them individually so they can truly shine. If mixing is a must, keep it to one color per hand. This means white diamonds on one side, and gold on the other.

The Grill

The Grill

Wondering what a grill is? It’s a mouthpiece that is blinged out either with sequins or precious tones to help your smile dazzle the crowd, it is also often stylized as “Grillz”. It’s an important item that many hip-hop artists will wear on one occasion or another. No longer just meant for men, female artists such as Madonna and Katy Perry have also been seen wearing grillz at their recent appearances on red carpet events. Though the grillz was an item that was exclusively worn by hip-hop artists, it has become a lot more widely accepted nowadays, with many famous singers hopping onto the trend.

Keen on getting Grillz for yourself?

Based in Houston, Texas and with an amazing online website, King Johnny has a great buyers reward program where 1 point is earned for every dollar spent, 500 points awarded for referring a friend to the program, and 500 points as a welcome gift when you sign up. These points can be used for cash back on your future purchases, so don’t belittle them! Grillz are available for $4700 at this shop, but with the cashback, it is a bang for your buck!

Styling Tips and Tricks

An easy-to-style accessory given that they are a statement piece, Grillz can be paired with just about any outfit you can think of.

Try wearing just a single grill on each side of your mouth if yours is a piece with customization. This allows you to show that little oomph when you smile for the cameras. If your piece is loud and flashy such as pieces with two-toned diamonds or yellow gold enameling, wear these selectively since they will definitely get you noticed.


In the hip-hop world, earrings are worn by almost everyone. Some people wear them only on one side, some on both, and some have multiple earrings per ear! A popular and ever-green accessory within the hip hop world, options are aplenty ranging from small hoops to bold studs.

Keen to Purchase?

If you are looking to get earrings, Bling Jewelry cannot be missed with their large range of earrings for both genders. They also offer a rewards program and free shipping with minimum spending of $25.

Look out in particular for their yellow gold plated bamboo hoops, which are retailing at $20 each! They are available in two sizes— 1.75 or 2-inches, choose the one which suits your frame better.

For men, complete your look with sparkling studs rather than hoops. At $30 per pair, the pave CZ studs are sure to complete your outfit.

Personalized Wonders

Remember the name tags that you wore while in childcare? Well, grown-ups have a similar version. Hip hop artists are known for displaying their names on nameplate rings or on necklaces, or even both at times. For a baller look, Nelly has often paired both.

Keen to Purchase?

Look no further than My Name Necklace. With a specialization in personalized jewelry, My Name Necklace can customize earrings, necklaces, and rings. Their lucrative rewards program means that you can easily offset your future purchases as well. They are also well-suited for those on a budget, with their 18K gold plated personalized earrings going at just $80!

Watch it

Watch it

To tie your whole outfit together, connoisseurs of hip-hop jewelry will look to a watch. In particular, blinged-out watches.

Keen to Purchase?

JBW offers diamond-faced watches in nine colors at a steal of $700. If you’re on a tighter budget than that, consider Michael Kors. Retailing at just $500, their silver or diamond-faced watches similar to that of Floyd Mayweather’s will be your pick. The free shipping on the watch is an added bonus!


Set to be a popular music phenomenon that people will love till the end of time, the culture of accessorizing in hip hop is always big, bold, and shiny. Regardless of male or female, go big, or go home!

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