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Top 10 Driver Tracking Software Alternatives & Competitors

Driver monitoring is an important aspect of effective fleet management. However, manual monitoring is often subjective and is bound to human error.  To allocate all the resources of the fleet at once, driving tracking software is required. Companies can choose tracking software, depending on their specific needs. In this article, let’s break down the best 10 driving tracking solutions to understand the best software for the same.

Best  Driver Tracking Software Alternatives & Competitors in 2024

Let’s look at the top 10 driver behaviour tracking solutions for monitoring, comparing similar options, and, competitors.  Bringing it down to basics, comparing software for tracking your vehicle’s speed, route, and driver behaviour. 

  1. TrackoBit 

TrackoBit’s driver tracking software, is an advanced software that uses real-time monitoring to enhance driver safety. This system uses algorithms, artificial intelligence, and sensor technology to monitor the behaviour of a driver, alerting them when any unusual or unsafe driving behaviour gets detected. If a driver attempts to use a phone while driving, the system can detect that as well. It focuses on the driver’s face, discerning head position, eye gaze, and more to identify distractions.

When it does, it can send an audible alert or message to the driver asking them to keep their attention on the road. 

Even attempts to block or obstruct the dashcam view can be easily caught by the TrackoBit DMS. If such an incident happens, the system will flag it and notify the authorities, like a fleet manager in the case of commercial vehicles, securing further visibility and accountability. 

2. Netradyne

Netradyne, an innovative technology firm, specializes in AI and cloud-based driver safety monitoring tools. They provide a unique service, Driveri fleet safety, which is equipped with a camera to track and analyze driver behaviour constantly. Should there be any risk indicators, such as distracted driving or exceeding speed limits, it notifies alerts. It combines artificial intelligence, built-in vehicle sensors, and complex computing algorithms to not just pick up incidents but figure out their root cause. In combining advanced technologies such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence, they’ve minimized human error in fleet operations and distinctively enhanced productivity.

3. Zendrive

Zendrive uses artificial intelligence to evaluate and enhance driver behaviour. Using mobile sensor technology, it gathers information about things like accident instances, phone usage while driving, rapid driving, and driver’s inattentiveness. The AI system examines the collected data to highlight the trends in a driver’s behavior, and provides practical suggestions for improvement. This solution proves beneficial for individuals owning fleets of vehicles and insurance corporations.

4.  Linxup

Linxup is a GPS tracking and fleet management solution that offers vehicle diagnostics, driver tracking, and personal tracking. Users can view live maps, receive alerts for aggressive driving or idling, and measure fuel consumption. Daily, taxi service may use Linxup to monitor its drivers’ actions and to optimize routes for the quickest and most efficient service, while keeping an eye on fuel costs.

5. Fleetmatics

Now known as Verizon Connect, Fleetmatics offers both fleet management and field service solutions. Along with fleet tracking, the software provides insight into driving behaviour, fuel use, and vehicle diagnostics. It helps reduce costs, improve productivity, and enforce driver safety. For instance, a construction company might use Fleetmatics to monitor their onsite heavy equipment, ensuring that proper maintenance is performed in a timely manner and workers are operating vehicles safely.

6. Samsara

Samsara is another tracking solution providing insight into vehicle maintenance, temperature monitoring, route optimization, and more. The software comes with an easy-to-use dashboard where companies can monitor their drivers’ actions and locations in real-time. Safety features, like sending alerts for harsh breaking or speeding, are included. For daily usage, a courier service company could use this software to strategize the best routes to improve customer service and reduce the time between deliveries. 

7. Onfleet

Onfleet’s comprehensive dashboard offers real-time tracking of deliveries, predictive ETA’s, automated dispatching, and customer communication. It significantly improves operational efficiency by reducing unnecessary delays and providing optimized routes for drivers. It also assists businesses with driver management by offering an analytics and reporting feature, giving management a full review of driver performance. It merges the power of advanced technology with the convenience of a simple user interface to streamline last-mile deliveries, which is an important component of many businesses, especially in this era. 

8. Minieye

Minieye’s AI-enabled vision-based system works by using advanced technology to perceive and interpret the surrounding environment of a vehicle, similar to how a human driver would. Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and sensors are combine to create a system that can process information in real-time.

Also, it features vehicle sensing that allows the system to detect the presence, location, and movement of other vehicles on the road. This assists in avoiding collisions and maintaining safe driving distances.

9. Omnitracs

Omnitracs offers a whole suite of tools, including predictive analytics, efficient routing, and driver behaviour  monitoring. A distribution company, for instance, could use these features to project the most effective routes for their delivery trucks. The monitoring tool can also be use to ensure that drivers are not breaking speed limits or taking unnecessary routes. It can also provide theft prevention by alerting management if a vehicle is moving when it shouldn’t be. 

10. GPS Insight

GPS Insight provides functions beyond tracking like fuel card integration to manage fuel consumption and cost. In a company with multiple crews, for instance, the software can keep track of each vehicle, ensuring they stay at their assigned job sites, thus enhancing productivity. Simultaneously, the management can monitor their fuel usage and plan resources effectively. It can help monitor driver behaviour, such as harsh acceleration, braking, or cornering, and suggest improvements to achieve better efficiency and safety.

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Before You Go!

Depending on your business needs and priorities, each of these software offers various features that could serve as the ultimate solution for managing your fleet. 

Therefore, the best way to choose the right software is by understanding the needs of your special fleet.

Looking for software that meets all your fleet requirements? TrackoBit’s driver tracking software 

can tick all your checklists perfectly. 

The software can display traffic violations, overspeeding, breakdowns, and maintenance schedules. It can provide real-time updates on vehicle location, speed, and route, which a delivery operation can use to ensure the on-time delivery of their packages.