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Dropbox yoy 15.83m 14.59m yoycondonzdnet

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"Alkmaar, the Netherlands - June 3, 2012: An anonymous person is holding an iPad 3 device with the logon screen of Dropbox application. Dropbox is a file hosting service founded in 2007 and it offers file storage and synchronization. Customer segment of dropbox varies from small businesses to individual users. Individuals can use the services up to 2GB storage free while above 2GB the users have to pay a fee."

Dropbox led the way with revenue of $511.6 million in the first quarter, up 12% year-over-year from 15.83 million paying users compared to 14.59 million year-over-year, and regular revenue per paying user of $132.55 (Stephanie Condon/ZDNet) – Cloud-Dropbox Proficient saw operating document sharing based on 30 percent year-over-year growth in paying users in the first quarter.

Dropbox yoy 15.83m

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