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Dry or Wet shave? It’s all about your comfort.

With the advent of electric shavers, there is the liberty for both dry and wet shaving experiences according to convenience. As much liberty this provides, it also raises the confusion on which one to opt for, amidst everyone shaving for the first time. First and foremost it should be remembered that dry or wet shaving does not reflect any visual difference, it’s all the same and the decision is up to you on what you are comfortable with. This post will guide you through the right procedures involved in both dry and wet shaving, for you to pick up your convenient one.

Whether you are comfortable in wet shaving or dry what is of foremost importance is having a proper shaving kit that is ergonomically designed, safe, hygienic, flexible to travel through the contours of the head, and has a long cordless use duration. So first, you need to settle on buying a headshaver kit that matches your requirement, next invest in a preshave oil for that smooth shaving experience, and finally an aftershave gel for the moisturized look.

 Dry Shaving tips:

  • In case you are planning to shave your head for the first time, always trim your hairs before shaving them off completely.
  • Remember to feel your scalp for any injuries, moles, or bumps before using the shaver to avoid hurting yourself.
  • It is preferable to use shavers with flexible rotary blades for comfortable, smooth, and safe shaving.
  • Use a pre-shave oil to avoid resistance and for smooth gliding of the shaver for that clean shaved head.
  • After shaving you can wipe the surface with a wet towel and apply an aftershave gel to moisturize the surface.

Wet  Shaving tips:

A wet Shave is usually a bit messy and time-consuming but comes with great results. So, if you are not running late and can invest a few more minutes you can definitely try a wet shave.

  • To begin with, cleanse the surface or soften the hair before shaving to get rid of excess oil.
  • For a wet shave, it is important to use shaving foam or gel-based soap to massage the surface to form foam for that smooth gilding of the shaver through your mane.
  • Using the free hand to tighten the skin, remember to run the shaver in the direction opposite to the hair growth. Remember to use the shaver at a right angle as this will minimize skin contact and will save time.
  • After the shaving, it is important to clean the shaver and so a waterproof body shaver is recommended.
  • Next, clean the surface with cold water, pat it dry and apply an aftershave gel for moisturizing.

With the decision to shave those lustrous manes, an intelligent investment comes next with buying an electric shaver for bald head. A good shaver is very important to get the perfect bald look. With the sudden decision to shave your head, you might as well think of getting a razor and shaving off those hairs, but a drastic step without the right products can mess up the complete look. Hairstylists and experts recommend getting a new product for acing the bald look. Although shaving the hair doesn’t require any skills like other hairstyles but it is of utmost importance that you take care of the safety. While planning an at-home shave, it is crucial to go slow and steady. Avoid going straight to scalp level, start with trimming the hairs short, and then aim for the scalps. If you are not confident enough, always look out for professional help, to begin with, once you acquired the desired result it is easy to maintain all by yourself. All you need to do is take notice of your hair growth and shave it accordingly.

Post Shaving Tips :

Congratulations! You have shown the courage to shave those manes in lieu of hanging on to the few strands or painfully experiencing the excessive hair fall leading to potential baldness. Shaving and going bald is the first step in your decision, next comes post-shaving care which is very important to maintain a healthy and attractive dome. First and foremost developing a shaving schedule is of utmost importance and using a natural aftershave gel can help moisturize the surface just after the shaving. With your head being hairless now, it remains exposed to weather, pollution, and everyday physical stress, so the scalp should be protected from heat, drying, dirt, and humidity. Moisturizing the scalp will prevent it from drying and using sunscreen before going out can prevent the scalp from exposing to sunrays and getting tanned. Even with a bald head, you should not prevent yourself from shampooing and conditioning the scalp at regular intervals. Especially during winters and dry weather make sure to oil your scalp to avoid drying and scaling of the scalp.

Now that you have meticulously followed the tips and are well aware of how to take care of your shining dome, be proud, held your head high, wear a smile, and be confident and you are all set to rule the world with your look.