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Dumpor: the Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

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An anonymous viewer of Instagram stories, Dabor has become a big name in recent weeks, so I decided to check it out and see what it’s all about. I’ll tell you right off the bat that this is a powerful tool, but if you’re not careful, it can hurt your reputation or even your safety. Here’s what you need to know about Dumporus before downloading.

What is a landfill?

Dumpor is a tool that allows you to view all your Instagram songs personally and anonymously. You can also see a person’s profile or followers in real time to see who follows them and how many followers they have. Another interesting feature is the placement of users by . location so you can track people on your site. There are many anonymous applications that claim to be personal, but nothing compares to Dumpor’s level of security. Dumpor has been written from scratch, with new code and improved coding that allows you to compare your personal attributes. We have a zero access policy which means we never store any data on our servers.

Please read the terms of use while using Dumporia. We take Dumpori’s data protection seriously, so we handle it responsibly. If you find any errors, please email us your suggestion!

How can it be used?

If you want to see someone on Instati but make sure they don’t know who you are, Dumpor is a great way to do that. Just enter your username and Dumpor will display your selected photos and stories (if any). You can also see who their followers are and the stories of their non-followers. To remain completely anonymous, you can close your browser window at any time. All you have to do is randomly click to post your ID on social media. Fortunately, Dumpor is a simple tool that protects all customers with what they need or want.

Everyone knows how dangerous it is to follow people on social media! At Dumpori, we take privacy very seriously. Unlike some of our competitors, we encrypt our servers so that we don’t have any information under our control, and we categorically refuse to store IP addresses or personal information (such as phone numbers or email addresses, etc.).

Why is it useful?

Many people like to search anonymously for the elderly or others. They want to see what they’re doing on social media, but they don’t want to know what they’re doing. In many cases there is revenge and trauma. Dumpor allows you to view your past Instagram songs and photos for free. You don’t have to sign up – it’s really anonymous. Make sure not to miss photos of friends or relatives looking for tags near you or other interesting places like neighborhoods, cities, etc.

Users receive real-time notifications via push notifications so they don’t miss anything interesting. Profiles are easy to find because they are directly on the user list (this only happens if users give permission), which prevents access to unregistered user accounts and unusual confusion. Check things.

Users receive instant notifications when someone starts following them – it works like Twitter or Tinder notifications, but they are available anytime, anywhere on your mobile phone. Users can anonymously view starred posts in a specific location through the map interface. If the user wants more security features, we will soon add a facial recognition feature so that his name does not appear on the screen.


Dumpor is an anonymous, free Instagram viewer that lets you view songs and profiles anonymously on Instagram. Dumpor allows your Instagram users to search by tag or location to find all their stories or saved stories from the last 24 hours. Dumpor also gives you all the user profiles and followers of each user for free. Dumporia is easy to see in private on Instagram! Why use Dumpor? Share your story privately with others with photos, videos, and drawing tools. And look at the stories of other Instagram users without telling it (if they don’t see you).

There are also many situations where it’s not appropriate for someone to know you’ve seen it before (for example, someone canceled your account after viewing your photo in their feed), so it’s nice to see the “app”. photos without counting them … … and that dumps for you! Don’t stay on course – download now and don’t miss any new ones!


Although many Dumpor brands seem harmless, together they become very dangerous. For example, you can easily track and track someone’s profile by watching anonymous songs. As the geographical location; Although location tagging doesn’t show others the username or profile picture of that location when you use it manually (that is, when you take a photo of one location and post it in another), you can tag multiple places in your photos. tag other viewers of the story.

If these tools are misused by third parties, they may cause serious harm to users. In addition to the security issues with these features, these tools also have privacy issues because most people use Instagram songs in public.


With Dumpor, you can view other people’s tagged stories, profiles, and messages anonymously. Dumpor also allows you to search for profiles or tags anonymously. The app is available in the Google Play Store and the App Store. Install it now and protect your privacy! Your world will become more interesting and mysterious.

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