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E-Commerce: 8 Tips to Increase Sales

E-Commerce: 8 Tips to Increase Sales 

If you own an online store you can apply interesting marketing strategies in order to increase revenue. Here’s how to increase your e-commerce sales and retain old customers

Starting e-commerce is certainly an exciting time, but soon you are overwhelmed by the thousand activities to be done to manage it profitably: the procurement of products, the care of the website, the fulfillment of orders and customer assistance. , but also the monitoring of returns, accounting, and the design of an effective web marketing strategy.

While on the one hand the opportunities offered by an online business such as e-commerce are increasing, on the other the competition is increasingly fierce and proceeding with a precise action plan is extremely essential : how to do it then to be successful and increase the sales of your e-commerce? Here are 8 essential tips to follow to increase conversions, productivity, and purchases.

  1. Target your audience with a maniacal precision
  2. Make your customers feel important
  3. Take advantage of the potential of email marketing automation
  4. Send email for abandoned cart recovery
  5. Focus on mobile traffic
  6. Automate label printing and tracking
  7. Take advantage of the reordering opportunities
  8. Take care of your customer service
  9. Target your audience with a maniacal precision

The first of the tips to increase the sales of your e-commerce can only be this: always remember who you want to sell your products to. As you well know, one of the first steps to take to design e-commerce is the definition of the typical consumer you want to address, the buyer personas that make up your niche of customers.

It’s easy to forget this targeted focus is not in the daily management of your activities, but only keeping in mind the audience to which you’re talking about building the most of your website, your communication on social media, your newsletter, your product descriptions and any other content you transmit. Having a clear identity and a well-defined tone of voice can greatly help you position yourself on the market, attract target customers, and grow your e-commerce.

  1. Make your customers feel important

Everyone likes to be pampered, don’t they? Your customers are no exception to this rule and it is, therefore, an excellent idea to spoil them, to create an audience of loyal customers who are absolutely satisfied with their shopping experience at your e-commerce.

In fact, increasing your retention rates is one of the best ways to give a surprisingly positive boost to your profits. How to reward consumers who decide to trust your brand? For example, either by offering free deliveries for orders over a predetermined amount or by automatically adding a small gift to the shipment. The unboxing moment will be even more pleasant and your customers will remember your brand for a long time.

Also remember to always listen to the opinions of your customers, both satisfied and dissatisfied: never be afraid of honest reviews, because they are a precious means to understand what is wrong in your sales funnels and to fix the shot. Also, showing your audience that you really care about their feedback and that you are responsive to accepting criticism to constantly improve your services will only serve as great propaganda for you.

  1. Take advantage of the potential of email marketing automation

In the business world, it is well known how much having a well-fed and segmented mailing list is equivalent to keeping a real treasure: the leads potentially interested in your product are in fact incredibly useful, for the construction of email marketing campaigns with amazing effectiveness.

The ability to collect email contacts is a skill to be built without a doubt when moving into the world of online business: the leads you collect can come from social media marketing campaigns, or they can be customers who have visited your website by filling in a form to get more information. Or they could be emails collected by users who have started the purchase process, but without proceeding to check out.

In any case, it is an excellent idea to make the most of these contacts, to nourish them, intrigue them and attract them to the point of turning them into acquired customers. Not only that, an effective marketing strategy for e-commerce also aims to retain customers who have already purchased, maintaining a continuous relationship with them, and informing them of all your news and promotions.

To do this you can use one of the numerous email marketing automation software available online and segment your contact list based on interests, age, gender, or even at the time of the customer journey in which the user is: automate your mailings based on this information, it will lead to very satisfactory results.

  1. Send email for abandoned cart recovery

Do not forget to always send abandoned cart recovery emails to customers who fill their carts without then proceeding to check out and the actual purchase. It has been shown that about 70% of the carts of each e-commerce are abandoned by customers in navigation: fortunately, it is also established that the reminder emails have incredible effectiveness in bringing customers back to the site to guide them towards the finalization of their purchase.

So write down this tip immediately among the tips to increase the sales of your e-commerce.

  1. Focus on mobile traffic

Considering the preponderance of navigation from devices such as smartphones and tablets that we are witnessing today, it is of vital importance to create a responsive e-commerce suitable for mobile viewing. Every single aspect of your website must be optimized for mobile use: from product pages to payment interfaces, every phase of the customer journey must be made fluid, simple and fast, so as not to interfere in the slightest with purchase intentions.

  1. Automate label printing and tracking

There are many procedures related to the management of e-commerce that would benefit from automation: the printing of shipping labels is certainly one of these and the world of the web offers numerous platforms that allow you to reduce the creation and printing times. Shipping labels. The same software also makes the generation of tracking codes and the monitoring of your shipments simple and intuitive.

  1. Take advantage of the reordering opportunities

Some product categories are intended for a single purchase and to supply customers with goods destined to last over time, whose reordering quickly is at least unlikely. However, if you deal with the sale of consumer goods, food products or the beauty sector, it is possible that your customers will run out of stocks in a short time and return soon in search of similar goods.

To increase the sales of your e-commerce, staying in the consumer’s mind is therefore essential: never lose contact with your audience, keeping it alive with captivating newsletters or always fresh promotions. Above all, send reminders with well- thought-out deadlines to remind your customers to buy back products that are running out.

  1. Take care of your customer service

Not abandoning the customer after the sale is the golden rule of any merchant, even those who operate online. Top quality customer service is something to implement from day zero of your business to optimize customer lifetime value .

Also in this case, technology comes to your aid, with sophisticated software that can effectively manage customer support and ensure that you and your staff always have the situation under control. Special bots also allow you to carry out very useful surveys on the satisfaction of your users in relation to the service received: do not miss the opportunity to use them and treasure them.

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