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Elements Involved In A Truck Accident Investigation

A truck accident scene can be chaotic and confusing. The accident site includes a number of important elements or pieces of evidence that can be crucial to your case. The average person may overlook some details that are important, which is why it is recommended to work with an experienced attorney. They can not only help you gather evidence but determine the liable party.

If you have been injured by a truck driver and wish to file an insurance claim to recover your damages, you should know how the investigation will take place. The more you educate yourself about the legalities, the better your chances of winning. Nevertheless, no amount of Googling will help as much as hiring an 18-wheeler accident attorney would. 

What is the goal of a truck accident investigation?

The goal of a truck accident investigation is to determine what went wrong during the driving of the vehicles to determine which vehicle was responsible for the collision. Insurance companies are not easy to deal with, and they certainly would not award damages unless there is solid evidence of their policyholder’s fault. 

What are the elements involved in a truck accident investigation?

Here are the major factors or elements involved in a truck accident investigation:

  • Reviewing trucking company records.

Many trucking accidents occur due to negligence on the trucking company’s part. The company is responsible for hiring qualified professionals and training them properly before allowing them to go on duty. The company must conduct regular vehicle maintenance checks and keep records. Examining these records can help determine whether the company was negligent.

  • Eyewitness statements.

Eyewitnesses are people who have witnessed or seen the accident unfold before their eyes. Their statements are crucial because they have seen the accident from an outside perspective. It is important to collect the information of eyewitnesses who have rich information that can help support your case.

  • Reconstruction of the accident.

Reconstruction of the accident is particularly important in the case of a truck accident. The process utilizes all the evidence gathered up to this point, including witnesses. The reconstruction process usually reveals crucial information which might be recovered simply through witness statements. 

  • Interviews.

Several interviews are conducted with parties, including the drivers involved, law enforcement officers, and any potential witnesses. Interviews can produce rich information, but it is important to carry them out immediately after the accident as people are subject to forgetting details.

  • Logbooks.

The federal law lays out rules that state how many hours a truck driver is allowed to be on duty within a period of 24 hours. Under this law, truck drivers must keep logbooks to record the miles they have covered and at what time. Drivers’ logbooks can determine whether they have violated federal laws.