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What Does Elijah Norton Veritas Global Protection Say About Achieving Success in a Competitive Atmosphere?

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Elijah Norton Veritas Global Protection recently opened up about various aspects of his life in an interview given to DotCom Magazine. In the interview, Elijah talks about what makes him a highly successful business leader at a relatively young age, his daily routine as a busy entrepreneur, his views on sound business practices, and the need to believe in oneself and follow through with one’s resolutions.

When asked what makes his company, Veritas Global, such a raving success in such a highly competitive industry as auto insurance, Elijah commented on some of the critical factors. He cited responsiveness, transparency, honesty, excellent customer service, and a constant drive for innovation among these. He added that all businesses must make their customers their chief priority. They should always try to explore ways to provide a better user experience to their customers. This is why, Elijah says, he strongly emphasises the need for innovation and high-quality customer service.

But what does he mean by innovation, and how can a company keep up with sustained innovation? Elijah answered that innovation is only possible when you stay current with everything going around. He explained further that staying current refers to industry trends and everything in the business world and the world of technology.

For example, machine learning, AI, big data, and IoT are some of the current technologies that are thought to play critical roles in business (and elsewhere) in the coming years. So, Elijah says that as a business leader, you need to educate yourself about all these things and try to see if you can employ one or more of them for your business to provide a better customer experience. He clarifies that creative thinking is necessary for innovation. However, creative thinking can lead to innovation only when you have the means (knowledge, technology, resources) to make a thought a reality.

Elijah Norton Veritas Global Protection: Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Expectedly enough, during the interview, Elijah was requested to spell out his advice for budding entrepreneurs. Mr. Norton was quite frank and forthright with his answer. His biggest advice for all aspiring entrepreneurs was that one must exercise patience. He elaborated that it takes time for success to come your way. In his own experience, Elijah said he started his direct marketing startup in 2011 with only two employees. He had to wait three years before the company started to earn sizable revenues. So, all young entrepreneurs must keep up with the hard work and keep believing in themselves until they become successful; success does not come overnight, so one should not expect that either, Elijah Norton Veritas Global Protection added.

During the interview, Mr. Norton also shared his thoughts about some practical, everyday aspects of a business. For example, he stated that when it comes to hiring, he believes in hiring the right person the first time, adding that he would rather let a position stay vacant for the time being instead of hiring someone about whom he doubts. In connection to this, Elijah also added that a great leader must have good social and interpersonal skills and know how to read and manage people. No matter what sort of a person you are outside of your business, in professional relationships, Elijah maintained, there is not much room for being ‘nice.’ You have to be tough when being tough is called for.

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