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Emergencies That Need A Commercial Plumbing Service
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Emergencies That Need A Commercial Plumbing Service 

Whatever plumbing problems happen in your establishment, they need to be culled, before they hit emergency levels. If you do not tackle them well in time, they can get much worse and might hamper the operations of your business. And in some cases, if left unchecked they can put the safety of your customers and employees in jeopardy too. So the smart thing to do is not let these plumbing problems be and the go-ahead to get it fixed by a commercial plumbing service. Getting a plumber in North Hollywood is easy, all you need to know is the right time when you need to call them. 

  • When You Spot a Leak

Every commercial establishment has one or two drips or leaks, here and there. If you go around your commercial building you will definitely find at least one minor dripping faucet. Now you will think, after all how big a deal can it be. Well, think this that a faucet that drips a few times every minute can end up wasting hundreds of gallons of water every year. Now calculate how high your utility bills for your water supply are going to be. Ignore this now and you will be facing a bigger crisis soon. So it’s time to call a commercial plumbing service as soon as you spot a leak. 

  • Standing Water

Leaving these tiny leaks unattended will definitely bring you even bigger troubles. The leakage will finally cause a puddle of water. They sometimes appear over a long period of time, but in some cases, they can appear overnight too.

Sometimes, a lot of freestanding water can be caused by a backed-up drain. It can be created by a faulty appliance or a broken pipe. It can be a very big plumbing emergency. Not only can it cause structural damage to your building, but it can also cause a big electrical hazard to the building’s electrical system. As soon as you call a plumber in North Hollywood, she or he will ask you to do some things: 

  • Shut Off The Water From The Main Connection

The first thing that a commercial plumbing service will ask you to do is locate the main connection. In some cases, you can shut off the water for the specific appliance. But in most of the cases, the leaks do not correspond to an individual shut off. Hence, closing the main connection is key to stopping the problem before it gets out of hand. 

A professional plumber from a commercial plumbing service can easily help you to locate the main connection as well as to understand the process required to turn it off.  Some more things that you need to be mindful of before you get in touch with a commercial plumbing service. 

You need to make sure that you gather enough information about the type of emergency that you have come across. You should be totally aware of this before you call a plumbing professional. Otherwise, the plumber may not be able to offer the right solution. She or he needs to be aware as to how much preparation is required for fixing a certain problem. 

Also in most cases, a gushing water leak will be obvious, but in some of the other cases, some additional checking may be required. 

Always keep in mind that any information you can gather and provide to the commercial plumbing service can be extremely helpful. The initial emergency call that you make to the plumber should be accompanied by the information that you have gathered. This way your plumber will be well prepared. A prepared plumber will come with the right equipment to repair the problem. She or he will even think of the solution beforehand. 

As many details as you can note, they will make it possible for the plumber to make an informed decision.  Also in case of an emergency, the right assessment can help you make the right insurance claim. The more details you give to the insurance claim adjuster the better assistance they will be able to provide you with. Keeping a written record of your observations is always better for you to get the best value from your insurance claim. 

Now that you know what a commercial plumbing service can help you with and you know what you need to be doing before you get in touch with a plumber in North Hollywood. 

It is important that you get in touch with the service at the right time. Finding a plumber in North Hollywood is really easy. All you need to do is run a google search and you will find the right commercial plumbing service. So next time you find any of the above emergencies, you should go ahead and call for a commercial plumbing service immediately. 


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