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It seems the answer to this question is pretty obvious; anyone asked will not even take a second to choose the employer flatly. Most times, the employers are usually the ones who call the shots. To the public eye, Employers have everything easy for them as they have the benefits of outsourcing their secretarial requirements, controlling their own time and income with work available for a contracted employee. They have an uncontrolled capability of developing and growing their career skills by having business with different industries.

But, upon closer inspection, you’ll learn that everything is not as it seems; many Employees are not happy people. In the case of if the business fails, they don’t have insurance of guaranteed pay, colleagues to rely on, someone to hang most of the responsibility on, and still have a chance of promotion/progression in the same company. Are any of them better than the other? You might have a rethink after reading this.


These are people employed for wages and salaries, especially at a non-executive level.


Guaranteed Income

The main advantage of being an employee vs. employer is guaranteed income. When an employee is employed by a huge, respectable, steady company, the employee is settled. There is also guaranteed financial security for the employee and his family. Provided nothing harsh, such as corporate restructuring occurs, an employee is safe and won’t have to bother with looking for clients to retain a steady supply of cash.

Apart from a paycheck paid weekly or monthly basis, an employee enjoys other incentives. Like Medical insurance, taxes, insurance, provident funds, pension allowance, possibly company funds, and more. Sometimes some of these incentives are also allocated to family members.

Leave and Holidays

Another fundamental advantage of being an employee is the freedom to take time away from work while being paid once in a year. This is opportunity can be used to enjoy family time, hobbies, exercise, or simply rest. This period helps the employees regain their energy for work: When they are back to work, they work much efficiently than before.

Fixed working hours

Before a contract between an employee and an organization is signed, the fixed hours of working will be outlined. In any case of overtime, it will be the employee’s decision and not compulsory. Overtime spent is usually compensated with higher pay.

Predictable work pattern / Less Responsibility

As stated in a contract for a full-time employee, specified roles are assigned to business growth. Due to this, no task can catch an employee unaware of his planned task- list. Employees can have their mission accomplished after work hours.

While also performing only the task assigned to an employee, role pay will still be received. On this ground, an employee won’t be disturbed about fellow employees not performing their roles properly.


Dependency/Job security

Disobedience of an employer’s instructions can lead to loss of steady income and other benefits or might also lead to loss of a job. If employers make bad decisions that could cause a closedown of the company, the employees are at the losing end as they might already have taken things on credit till when weekly/monthly income will be paid.

Limited development scope

Another constraint of being employed with a single role is the lack of development in other areas and, at such, have fewer choices of career progression as any development at all will be fixed to that single role.

Limited income

Although, while working in a company, there are chances that an employee will get a promotion. In a case where promotion is not gotten, an employee’s income doesn’t increase as from the onset it was assigned in the contract. Therefore, the employee family responsibilities or bills don’t reduce and will keep piling up, which can be an effect on him or her.




An employer statement is final and can’t be overruled by anyone. They can carry out decisions that affect the company directly. They can choose where and when to work without the risk of losing their jobs. They are the natural leaders in an organization.

Ability to earn

Unlike the employees, some employers virtually have no stable income structure as the business profits increase, an employer’s earnings increase. They can receive bonuses from external projects, either personally or professionally. Also, by outsourcing their secretarial work to HeySara, they can cut down on costs and gain more profits using more skilled hands.

Growth in career

Employers have no boss to interfere with their goals and aspirations. Their decisions are solely on their judgment. They have an opportunity to rule in their chosen industry sector, depending on their determinations and drive instilled in that employer.

Change of exploration

Employers have a chance to expand when an opportunity arises. When employers outsource it to secretarial and accounting firms like HeySara, it enables them to spend less time and focus on core areas. They gain access to more skilled resources with faster and better services in different industries.


Heavy responsibility

Being the boss of the organization, his decisions can cause a crash to his businesses, and the weight is on the employer to fix it. For a company to succeed, a lot of things are needed, and it is the responsibility of the employer to provide the necessary requirement to succeed. An employer is usually up and doing as that individual has to know everything going on in the company. It is a heavy burden and usually leads to stress.

Financial Instability

An Employer’s income is never stable, and it can gather a lot of debt on a wrong turn. Usually, for the first few years of starting, the employer may have many financial constraints as there might not be sufficient income to carry out the essential individual needs or family needs. Even after the previous years of starting the business, profits might decline and also reduction of income or no income at all.
From this, you can see that both employee and employer have their cons and pros. Either one of them can experience a breakthrough or a setback. Therefore, appreciating each role and work can deliver great results.

By Abbas Ali

I am Abbas Ali and I am a professional content writer and blogger. It is my passion to write about different topics including technology, travel, fashion, business, and many more.

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