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Energy Safe Products Worth Considering

We’ve come to a point where pollution is wreaking havoc on our planet. Ecosystems are getting disrupted, ice caps are melting, and there have been major changes in the climate across the globe. Scientists have been repeating the same thing over and over in the last few years that people must do their part in stopping the process of global warming, only now that it’s beyond a point where it can be reversed. However, there are still so many things we all can collectively do to slow down the process.

With modern technology in the making, companies have rolled out countless energy safe products; those that are ‘green’ as they say, and it just amounts to you doing your part in making the planet a better place.

Here are a few Energy Safe products that you could consider investing in:

Smart Thermostat

Automated thermostats are great, but what’s even better are Smart Thermostats. These come with an App that can be downloaded onto your smartphones and tablets and are connected to the home Wi-Fi, as well as your home voice assistants if you have any. So that means you can control your home thermostat right from the palm of your hand, or with your voice by calling out to Alexa; you don’t have to walk over to the main thermostat switch to adjust the temperatures yourself anymore. And the best part of this is that you can control the thermostat remotely! You don’t even have to be home to have access to it. 

Some devices come built-in with a sensor feature that automatically adjusts the temperatures or switches off the thermostat if there is no movement around a certain room or the house. It is great because not only does this save up on energy, it also cuts down on your electric and heating bills.

Smart Lighting

The phrase itself is self-explanatory. Smart lights are a great addition to any household, especially in today’s day where going green is considered the way. These can be in the form of Smart Bulbs or even Smart Switches.

To put it simply, these also just like Smart Thermostats, come with an App that is downloaded onto your smartphones/tablets where you can control them from. And by control we mean turning the lights on or off, setting timers, being able to dim the light. It can all be done remotely too. Some brands include motion sensor features that control the lights through the movements in the house; if there is no activity in a certain room for a specific time the lights can turn off on their own, just like they can switch on the moment it detects movement in the area. When it comes to safety, these would be ideal for outdoor installation.

Smart Sprinklers

When we talk about energy saving, it also refers to saving on resources like coal, oil, gas, and even water. 

If you love your lawn, then you should consider installing Smart Sprinklers. Functioning similar to a smart thermostat, smart sprinklers come with a hardware device, more commonly known as a Controller, and also an App to download on your phones and tablets through which you have control of your sprinkler system. 

Smart Sprinklers work to optimize water usage when it comes to your gardening and adjusts automatically according to weather forecasts. For instance, they don’t come on during the rainy season, because your work gets taken care of by Mother Nature herself. But other than that, it takes care of your garden so you won’t have to. No more wastage of water because your kid forgot to turn off the sprinklers before he left for school, you know?


If you’re wondering where you can look up and purchase such energy safe, smart products, then check out first energy an illuminating company that has a wide range of smart products for the entire household and outdoors, and provides services alongside that. In case you’re going to need help installing that Smart Thermostat you just bought, then book a service appointment while you’re on the website anyway!