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Everything You Need to Know About Custom Pillow Boxes
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Everything You Need to Know About Custom Pillow Boxes 

Whenever your business needs smart and unique packaging, the first thing on the list should be custom pillow boxes. These boxes have been approved as the most widely used and wholesaled packaging in the market today. It is not that difficult to find out the reasons for their popularity, yet,

The Beautiful Shape

In these modern days, using typical boxes will make your product to be ordinary. Literally, try to visit any store and take a look around the shelves. Well, you might find some dull, boring looking rectangular boxes showcased in line.

However, we cannot say that using such normal boxes for your products is bad. In fact, even with the standard boxes, you could eventually do some experiments with your decoration skills on them.

A second thought, why you should choose a simple box and do that hard work to make it more beautiful? Why don’t you just get a wonderfully designed box with an amazing look and you could customize with your creativity? Well then, pillow packaging boxes are your right answer to this question!

No there aren’t any pillows inside the boxes. They are just named with ‘pillow’ because they have a similar look and shape like them. All the surfaces of these boxes are curved and this feature enhances improve their charm. There are two flaps on the sides of the boxes for opening and closing functions. Their extraordinary outlook and shape make them be the preferred ones in the packaging industry.

Wide-Range of Materials

Some other types of packaging boxes have mostly contained some materials that might not available easily.  However, when we are speaking about custom pillow packaging, there is a variety of choices for their manufacturing process.

These lovely packaging boxes can be produced from both Kraft and cardboard materials, This is a big plus as these boxes do not bound you to a specific type of material which can make the appearance to be regular and normal.

What’s more, unlike the typical polymer products used for to make packaging boxes, pillow boxes wholesale are recyclable as they are crafted by using cardboards. In case if they are not made of cardboard, they can easily be recycled and reused because their shape will not simply distort after using the boxes for many times.

Useful for Any Type of Product

There are a number of box styles that are explicitly designed for one or two types of products. Just by seeing at the packaging design, we would already know what kinds of products these boxes are designed for. However, this doesn’t mean that these typical boxes cannot be used for any other product.

The same case applies to custom printed pillow boxes. These boxes can fit almost every product. In fact, these superb boxes are extensively used in packing gift products. Plus, some apparel companies also have been choosing the charming pillow gift boxes to make their garments flashy into people’s eyes.

How to Make Your Own Pillow Boxes?

In case if you decide not to order your pillow gift boxes and wish to make your own, the steps below will guide you to have the most creative boxes that you have been dreaming of.

Things you would need:

  • Colorful card stock
  • Adhesive glue
  • A ruler
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Ribbons, lace, and glitters for decoration

  • Step 1 – Find the design you want on the Internet

The first thing you have to do is deciding the right theme of your pillow boxes. Then, you could browse and find the patterns and designs on the Internet more effectively. Once you find your chosen one, you can print it out.

  • Step 2 – Cut and make the shape of your box

Now cut around the box design by following the dark lines. Your box should be able to hold in your products and stay strong if you could make sharp cuts, otherwise, your box will breakdown and fall apart.

  • Step 3 – Assemble the pillow box

Now score along the two straight overlay lines and the four bent crease lines in red. Then use a pen to make an indent on the cardstock.

  • Step 4 – Glue together any loose ends

In this step, you would have to use a good-quality glue if you want to have a good quality box. Softly squeeze the two box edges that you just glue together, make sure to let the top and base bend out. There you go! Your custom pillow box is now ready and you decorate it to add a more beautiful look.

Where to Buy Pillow Boxes?

If you don’t have much time to make your own boxes, or you are a brand that needs to pack your products with the branded boxes, then make sure to search for reliable packaging service providers that will offer a good rate of pillow boxes bulk. Getting any suggestions from your friends who have experience with custom boxes will be a good idea.

Final Words

So, are you excited to have these striking printed pillow boxes? Whether you would create them by yourself or you would order from a reliable packaging service company, always remember that your custom boxes should reflect your brand perfectly.

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