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Excelitas Thermal Infrared Sensors

Excelitas Thermal Infrared Sensors
  • PublishedFebruary 6, 2023

Thermal Infrared sensors are instruments used to sense particular characteristics from a surrounding. The sensing technologies are used for motion detection, presence monitoring, temperature measurement, and gas detection to enable more innovative homes, improved energy efficiency, better health, safer home security, and a more expansive and connected IoT.

 Types of the thermal infrared sensor?

The Excelitas product catalog contains three IR sensors that support various applications across all residential, commercial, industrial, or public areas. They include IR sensor modules, pyroelectric detectors, and thermopile detectors.

IR Linear and 2D Sensor Array Modules

Excelitas thermal infrared sensors offer Linear and 2D IR Imager Arrays based upon our Thermopile Technology. They offer 8-pixel, 16-pixel, and 32-pixel Linear IR Imager Array Modules for field-proven effectiveness in scanning presence detection, non-contact temperature measurement, smart-home products, and office electronics. All Arrays are provided as plug-and-play Modules featuring a sensing chip, robust metal housing with a focusing lens, a PCB with a microprocessor for calibration and bus interface, and a quick connector for streamlined plug-and-play integration. They also offer custom solutions that are also available upon request.

The IR Linear and 2D sensor array modules are perfect for the modern home, offering creative ways to integrate motion-sensing technology in lighting fixtures, intelligent appliances, surveillance equipment, and other aspects of your home.

Pyroelectric IR Detectors and Sensors

Excelitas Pyroelectric Infrared Detectors defines the leading edge of motion detection technology, offering a variety of digital and analog Pyroelectric IR Detectors to serve a wide range of applications in smart homes, smart cities, IoT, burglary detection, and security systems. With Pyroelectrics available in Single-, Dual- and Quad-Element configurations, Excelitas offers a more comprehensive range of different-sized thermal infrared sensor surfaces, which directly translates to enhanced performance and sensitivity. Excelitas sensors represent the innovative forefront of mid-IR sensor devices. The family of DigiPyros enables smart home and intelligent sensing applications with low current requirements.

The pyroelectric IR detectors and sensors have susceptible surfaces that accurately detect objects in diverse environments. These qualities make pyroelectric detectors well-suited for monitoring process equipment, safety systems, surveillance equipment, gas emissions, and body movement, among many others.

Thermopile Detectors and Sensors

Excelitas Thermopile Sensors offer leading-edge, non-contact temperature measurement for applications in smart homes, smart appliances, intelligent thermostats, HVAC control systems, and ear and forehead thermometers.

The thermal infrared sensors provide integrated features that enable measurement and presence detection applications. Thermopile Detectors are typically Thermopiles with integrated Thermistors providing analog output in various packages. Unique designs include built-in lenses or reflectors to enhance sensing performance, Isothermal constructions, or Dual narrow-band windows. The latest Thermopile Sensors include specially designed electronic circuitry to provide calibration, digital output, and functionality. With the DigiPile, Excelitas offering a unique design for measurement applications. With its digital output, this device does not require low noise amplification.

The Thermopile detectors and sensors come with various specially designed sensors for non-contact temperature measurement, thermometry, or gas monitoring.

Applications of thermal infrared sensors?

Pyroelectric detectors, thermopile detectors, and IR sensor modules are used across all residential, commercial, industrial, or public areas. Their unmatched quality in IR sensing technologies can provide what one needs in several cutting-edge applications. Here are some uses of thermal infrared sensors :

  • Indoor Residential: motion sensors can cause responses from electronic devices like an electronic car garage, HVAC systems, and zoned lighting.
  • Outdoor Residential: motion-activated features in outdoor environments with intelligent alarms that can help detect movement or use safety lighting to light up driveways, entrances, and pathways.
  • Public areas: light-sensing technologies enable the use of intelligent lighting solutions that help conserve energy, reduce light pollution, and decrease spending on utilities.
  • Kitchen: IR technologies are instrumental in improving the safety features in modern kitchens with enhanced temperature and gas sensing capabilities for excellent safety and comfort inside the kitchen.
  • Commercial Spaces: offices can benefit from motion detection and presence monitoring capabilities of IR-based technologies that enable sensor-controlled functionalities such as light-sensing luminaires, presence-based shut-off sequences for computer terminals, and dynamic temperature controls.
  • Industrial Complexes: IR technologies in the industrial setting create more efficient processes and enhance safety with better equipment monitoring, more accessible data collection, and enhanced exhaust detection, resulting in a more productive workforce.

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