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Explore the Benefits of Fire-Retardant Plywood

When you build a home, your first priority is the safety of those who will stay in it. In this effect, you want to make sure that your furniture and designs of the various rooms are perfect, aesthetically pleasing, and safe. Out of all the materials available, it is always best that you opt for materials that reduce the risk of hazards. Afterall, a hazard can happen anywhere and at any point in time. While plywood is a resilient and sturdy building material, the existence of a special type of fire retardant ply is a blessing. Here are all the reasons you should buy fire-retardant plywood.

What exactly is fire retardant plywood?

This plywood works to minimize the potential of a fire incident. Other than this, it also reduces the spread of fire inside your commercial or residential space. Moreover, another advantage of the same, is that this plyboard emits minimal toxic gas emmissions. It is also non-hygroscopic in nature. This kind of plywood is less prone to fire mainly because it possesses fire retardant chemicals that take a long time to actually ignite. While it is not non-combustible, it is less prone to catch fire when compared to conventional ply. Here are some of its various benefits.

It comes with superior water resistance

While it brings you resistance against fire, this plywood also comes with water and moisture resistance. It is a BWP or Boiling Water Proof grade ply. This is mainly because of the glue that is used to bond the veneer sheets together- A Phenolic resin. This glue is completely waterproof. This offers water resistance to the materials that are made with it. So you know for a fact that this plyboard proves to be effective when it comes to dealing with moisture and water.

Sturdier than solid wood

Fire-retardant plywood offered by big brands are often sturdier than solid wood. They are manufactured by pressing together premium quality veneer sheets in a cross-grained structure which lends it the strength to withstand the harshest of weathering. It is also lower in cost than their solid wood counterpart.

Can use it in almost every place

Fire-retardant plywood can be used almost anywhere in your house—whether you want fire-resistant kitchen cabinets, TV-tables, coffee tables, bed frames, desk-drawers or closets, sofas and bedside tables, you can use this plywood to create strong and durable furniture for your residential space.

Delayed spread of fire and good flame pentration rate

The main advantage of using fire retardant ply is its enhanced fire resistance. Fire retardant plywoods from reputed brands have a low flammability, low flame penetration rate and low rate of burning.

You can use it in various commercial setups

Besides using this best quality plywood for the various areas in your residential space, you can use this plywood for an array of commercial purposes as well. It is also less combustible than conventional ply so it proves to be very productive in workspaces and offices. Such a plywood is recommended in areas or setups such as- Hotels, restaurants, hospitals, workspaces and offices. This greatly reduces the chances of fire mishaps from taking place.

So, there you go. These are the many advantages of going in for fire-retardant plywood. While you can take advantage of all of these benefits when you go in for this plyboard, you have to make certain that you head to the right plywood manufacturers. They can help you find the best uses for this plywood. In this way, you enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are in the hands of qualified and reputed professionals who know what they are doing.

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