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Factors to Compare before Buying the Right Medical Insurance Policy in Dubai 

Health insurance is very much essential to make sure of providing top quality and comprehensive healthcare solutions. With large numbers of insurance companies operating in the UAE and producing different types of health plans, identification of a suitable plan is a challenging task.

If we talk about medical benefits, the biggest challenge faced by people is the considerable factors to compare Dubai medical insurance policy. Accordingly, one has to compare large numbers of medical/health insurance plans, which provide appropriate benefits and coverage to fulfill your requirements.

Types of Medical Insurance Available

Based on the broad classification, you may avail of either of the following types of medical or health insurance in Dubai.

DHA Plan

DHA insurance plan is the minimum medical coverage, which sponsors or employers provide to their dependants and employees.

Group Insurance

Group health insurance covers a certain group of employees along with their dependents. Organizations get a chance to customize the existing plan whether it involves the selection of a provider network to a yearly policy limit.

Family Insurance

Family insurance coverage protects you and your family members, while includes maternity-related benefits.

Individual Insurance

Individual insurance policy is available only for a single person and one can customize it to add or remove the benefits according to requirements.

Hospital Network

Good insurance companies have their networked hospitals in different areas of Dubai. In this situation, you should check the list consists of clinics and hospitals available under the medical network of an insurance provider. Health insurance plan according to large numbers of hospitals included in the network of an insurance company.

You may need medical treatment during any time and hence, when you compare Dubai medical insurance, your insurance should cover multi-specialty clinics or hospitals. You should keep in mind that treatment in any network hospital is often cashless i.e. involves direct billing and treatment outside of it takes place according to reimbursement. You should look for an insurance provider, which gives coverage for most of the networks in Dubai and that too according to cashless i.e. direct billing method to avoid hassles of paperwork to get reimbursement.

Pre-existing Condition

Pre-existing condition refers to any health condition, which exists at the time of or before buying a health insurance policy. A few of the insurance companies give 100peercent coverage for pre-existing health conditions by charging a high premium amount. However, many other insurance providers provide coverage only after a specific duration. For instance, coverage starts 6months after you purchase a health insurance policy.

Deductibles and/or Co-payments

Deductibles refer to fixed charges, which you should pay from your pocket while undergoing the treatment. Many insurance providers in Dubai thus call it co-insurance or co-payment. When you compare Dubai medical insurance, you should check the following co-insurances-

  • Fixed Amount Payable at a Single Visit

According to this type of deductible, you should pay a fixed amount that ranges from minimum AED 20 to maximum AED 75 for your single visit to your doctor. The deductible is applicable only in the case of outpatient treatment i.e. any treatment, which requires hospitalization of a patient for maximum one day i.e. 24hours.

  • Annual Deductible

You have to pay an annual deductible amount. For instance, your chosen hospital may charge you AED 1,000 for your annual treatments. On the other side, the insurance company will make payment of any charge beyond this paid amount.

Whenever you compare Dubai medical insurance, you should select an insurance provider that gives cashless benefits and a lower amount as deductible.

Exclusions of a Medical Insurance Policy

You should always take steps to know the exclusions mentioned in the medical insurance quotation list. Even though you may avail of generous benefits, you should look for an insurance policy that has relatively fewer numbers of exclusions in its list.

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